Is Madonna Gay? Fans react to singer’s TikTok video

The internet has been buzzing since Madonna suggested she was gay over the weekend in a new TikTok clip.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Madonna hints that she is gay in TikTok video

Madonna shared a new video on TikTok this Sunday. She looks like she just came out of her closet. to the fans.

The video opens with a 64-year-old pop icon standing in a bathroom. She is wearing an all-white outfit with her bright pink tress split to the side.

Moreover, Madonna in the video is about to throw her pink underwear in the trash. But she misses it completely.

However, what caught the attention of viewers was the caption on the post. ‘If you want to see me, you’re gay!’

The video ends with the Material Girl hitmaker shrugging the camera, then twirling dramatically as the screen turns black.

Meanwhile, the mother of six children tied the knot twice. She was previously married to Sean Penn and later to Guy Ritchie.

Meanwhile, Madonna garnered admiration from fans by kissing fellow female performers such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Nicki Minaj in the past.

Fans react to Madonna’s allegations

Not surprisingly, social media was buzzing relentlessly after Madonna hinted that she was gay. Many fans poured messages of love and support in the comments section, but other fans were less optimistic.

One fan said, ‘Did I just see Madonna come out? She’s good for her.’

Another fan was ‘Did Madonna just come out? And she is witnessing in real time??’

The third person said, ‘I am witnessing history. .. Madonna.. Did you just come out?’

The fourth user said, ‘Are you coming out at 64 o’clock?’

Also, someone else said, ‘Madonna was literally bisexual for decades.’

Another said, ‘It’s so ironic that most ppl’s always thought Madonna was straight. She has been considered one of the biggest gay icons since the ’80s.’

However, one user said, ‘Once again Madonna [sic] Pick the current issue from the news and the news that will catch the public eye until the next new one.’

Meanwhile, another netizen said, ‘Are you gay now? You are full of garbage! Your problem is that you can’t afford to get out of the spotlight and create a story to make yourself look important again. That was a good joke!’


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