Is Soulja Boy releasing his own app? Rapper Slam Elon Musk Twitter Changes

Rapper Solja Boy revealed his frustration with the change on Twitter that he is making his own app. Well, ever since Twitter fell into the hands of new owner Elon Musk. Not everyone is happy with the changes the app is undergoing. In fact, rapper Soulja Boy even took to Twitter to complain. But what exactly did Soulja Boy say about Twitter and Musk?

Read ahead to learn more about Soulja Boy, who is frustrated with the Twitter changes and now wants to create his own app.

Twitter and Twitter’s New Changes

Ever since the news broke that Elon Musk was taking over Twitter. Everyone believed that good changes were coming for messaging apps. However, after Musk became the new owner of Twitter. Some of the changes he makes in the app are unwelcome to users.

I recently got a new paid verification plan for my Twitter account. Users now receive a blue checkmark on their Twitter account after paying. You must pay at least $8 per month. It’s not something users like about your app.

Soulja Boy has expressed dissatisfaction with the changes on Twitter.

There were many Twitter users who hated Twitter’s new paid authentication plan. One of the users protested with the hashtag ‘rat certification’. The now famous rapper Soulja Boy has something to say about the change on Twitter.

He commented on the verification plan on Twitter, “Can I pay for verification now? Twitter is destroyed.” He went on to talk about making his own app as well. As he tweeted, “Wow… I can’t believe it. Heck, I’m going to make my own app”. He further wrote “Hold me on Instagram with Twitter until my app is released”.

Is Soulja Boy releasing his own app?

Clearly, Twitter is now under the ownership of Elon Musk, bringing new changes. Users see the changes and are not satisfied. In fact, it’s not just Soulja Boy. Not long ago, even Doja Cat had problems with Twitter. Because the app couldn’t change the name.

Doja even had to ask Elon to help her. But now everyone is thinking if Soulja Boy will really release their own app. Well, only time can answer that right now Soulja Boy isn’t good enough to use Twitter.

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