Is the iPod dead? Apple brings updates to iconic music devices

Apple Inc. said on Tuesday that it would stop producing “iPods.” The iPod was one of the company’s first popular handheld products, and it helped build awareness with music consumers.

in press release, Apple has stated that “iPod touch will be available while stocks last”, meaning that new production has ceased. Apple says “the music will go on” with a new integrated music experience.

“Music has always been a part of our core at Apple, bringing music to hundreds of millions of users in a way that the iPod has impacted more than just the music industry. It has also redefined how music is discovered, heard and shared,” Greg said. said Announced by Joswiak, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

Apple plans to continue the ‘iPod spirit’. The company announced on Tuesday that it will add advanced ways to access and listen to music across all of its products.

“We’ve integrated an amazing music experience into everything from iPhone to Apple Watch, HomePod mini, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV. And Apple Music supports spatial audio for industry-leading sound quality. There is no better way to enjoy, discover and experience music.”

Apple first introduced 2001 iPod. This allows users to have an upgraded experience on their CD player or MP3 player. The iPod Touch, released in 2007, was also one of the tech giant’s most popular products, with nearly 100 million units sold in six years. The iPod became less relevant with the growth of smartphones.

There are seven iPod models. The last iPod Touch model was released in May 2019.

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