It is reported that Netflix is ​​considering live streaming.

Netflix could expand to live streaming. according to the report of deadlineNetflix is ​​currently developing live streaming options for stand-up specials and other live content.

As pointed out in deadlineLive stream support could open up the possibility of broadcasting live reunions on Netflix, such as those recently held on real estate reality shows. sell sunsetEnable real-time voting for competitive shows.

Netflix may also use this feature to broadcast live comedy specials. This year, Netflix hosted its first live and face-to-face comedy festival. Netflix is ​​a joke festival. The Los Angeles-based event lasted several days and featured over 130 popular comedians including Ali Wong, Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulaney and more. Netflix is Scheduled to start airing There are some shows recorded from the event from the end of this month through June, but the live option could give users the ability to watch the show as it unfolds at home (i.e. if Netflix chooses to reopen the festival next year). .

So far we didn’t know much about the upcoming feature and Netflix didn’t respond immediately. The VergeThis is a request for your opinion. Disney Plus, one of Netflix’s biggest rivals, has already gone live. In February, Disney+ broadcasted the Academy Awards live for the first time on the service. It is also the new home of the celebrity dance contest series, dancing with the starsIt will debut as a live series on the platform later this year.

In Netflix’s most recent earnings report, the streaming service reported losing subscribers for the first time in a decade, and Disney Plus added 7.9 million new users in Q1 2022. To counter the decline in revenue and subscribers, Netflix has hinted that it will potentially crack down on crypto sharing and add more affordable ad-supported streaming options.

expose: The Verge We are currently working on a series with Netflix.

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