It is reported that Twitter plans to start charging $20/month for Twitter Blue subscriptions

Elon Musk gave his employees the first ultimatum to meet their deadlines and either present a paid certification on Twitter or pack up and leave. The right is to change Twitter Blue, a membership that unlocks additional features with the company’s optional $4.99 monthly membership, to a more expensive membership that likewise identifies users as indicated by an individual familiar with the issue and internal correspondence The Verge has seen. . Twitter is currently trying to charge $19.99 for a new Twitter Blue membership. Under an ongoing contract, authenticated users will either make a purchase or lose the blue mark of approval within 90 days.

Representatives working on the project said the deadline had to be met by November 7 to start the function on Sunday or it would be closed. Elon Musk has been making clear the procurement process for months that Twitter needs to improve how it verifies accounts and handles bots. On Sunday, he tweeted: “The entire verification process is currently being revamped. Platformer’s Casey Newton initially revealed that Twitter was thinking about charging verification fees.

Twitter expects to charge $20 per month for verification badges.

Twitter, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, currently plans to charge $19.99 for a new Twitter Blue membership, according to a report from The Verge. Under an ongoing contract, authenticated users will either make a purchase or lose the blue mark of approval within 90 days. According to the report, representatives carrying out this work said they would have to meet the November 7 deadline for the function to start on Sunday or it would be shut down. Elon Musk said in a tweet on Sunday that he would be revisiting the verification process in days after Twitter took over one or more of the world’s most powerful social media platforms. Tesla Inc’s CEO hasn’t made a decision on the last option, and according to the tech newsletter Platformer, the job could still be rejected, and the validation will be part of Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue was launched in June last year as the platform’s first subscription service to offer elite access to premium features on a monthly membership basis, including tweet editing capabilities. The Tweet editing feature was also recently accessible after Elon Musk’s request in April who used a poll to see if the platform’s millions of followers want an edit button. More than 70% said yes. The billionaire also noted that when logged out users visit the Twitter site, they are redirected to a navigation page showing trending tweets, and Verge provided details on Sunday citing an employee who was aware of the issue.

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