It’s not scary, is it? Celebrate the latest scream with 50 quotes from Killer Original

“Do you like scary movies?” A creepy voice asks from the other side. Drew Barrymore early usually scream movie –And the film certainly hopes the viewers will too.

Films made in 1996 Nightmare on Elm Street director Wes Craven, (“name of suspense.

scream It was no ordinary horror movie. Craven and the Writer Kevin Williamson It did something different from other films in the genre. First of all, the film used popular actors already known to the audience. Except for Barrymoreshort role of neve campbell—famous for her role in FOX’s family drama party of five—play “last girl“Sydney Prescott, Courtney Coxshow of friend It was the number one sitcom in Korea at the time. In another departure from the usual horror fare, the characters are familiar with the scary movie metaphors. One character (Randy, Jamie Kennedy) even presents the so-called rule of not dying in one.

If you are a horror movie fan scream It was a fun ride because it referenced horror cliches and past movies to deliver something fresh and interesting. there was Easter eggs throughout the movie For fans to find, for example, the main star dies early: Alfred Hitchcock‘s Psycho, And one character’s name is Billy Loomis. Skeet Ulrich) to Dr. Loomis. Halloween movie.

usually scream made awesome $173 million worldwide As of January 14, 2022, the franchise has spawned four sequels. teahe is the latest scream the movie called scream, only like the original. “I’ve been through this A lot of,“Character of Campbell in the trailer; She, Cox and Arquette scream A universe to help new teens trembling in fear of a new killer.

from another easter egg scream Fans, the trailer has several identical lines to the original. So, before you check out a new movie, make sure you: 50 quotes scream.

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scream quotes

One. “You must not say, ‘Who is there?’ Don’t you watch scary movies? Death’s wish. You might be better off coming here to investigate strange noises or anything like that.” – Ghost Face

2. “Are you making popcorn?” – Ghostface

three. “Do you like scary movies?” – Ghostface

4. “You never told me your name…[why do you need to know my name?] Because I want to know who I am looking at.” – Ghost Face

5. “[What do you want?] To see what your insides look like.” – Ghost Face

dimension film
(Dimension Film)

6. “You bastards. You’ve seen too many movies!” – Sydney

7. “What’s the point? They’re all the same. Some stupid killer is stalking a big-breasted girl who always runs up the stairs when she’s immobile and has to run to the front door.” – Sydney

8. “It’s too sexist. A killer can easily be a woman. Basic instinct.” – Tatum

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9. “Now, Sid, don’t blame the movie. Movies don’t make psychopaths. Movies make psychos more creative!” – Billy

10. “There are rules that must be followed to survive in a scary movie.” – Randy

11. “The police always went out of their way with this guy! It will save time if they watch Prom Night! There is a formula. Very simple formula!” – Randy

12. “Don’t go there, Sid. It started sounding like a Wes Carpenter movie. Don’t be surprised, okay? There is a long night ahead of us.” – Tatum

13. “Everyone is a suspect!” – Randy

14. “The janitor is your boss.” – Tatum

15. “She looked dead. It still is.” – Stewart

16. “I never thought I would be so happy as a Virgo.” – Randy

Phil Bray/TWC Phil Bray/TWC
(Phil Bray/TWC)

17. “My name is not Jesus.” – Kenny

18. “Aren’t you scared?” – Dewey

19. “I would never dream of breaking your underwear rules.” – Billy

20. “Why can’t I be in a Meg Ryan movie? Or even good porn.” – Sydney

21. “Who am I, Beer Butler?” – Tatum

22. “What did your mother say? When I wear this badge, you treat me like a judge!” – Dewey

23. “We all get a little angry sometimes.” – Billy

24. “If you were the only suspect in pointless bloodshed – would you stand in the horror section?” – Randy

25. “What’s going on in Sydney? I think I saw a ghost.” – Billy

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26. “Like. That’s all I’m talking about… like.” – Stewart

27. “If I’m right about this, it could save a person’s life. Do you know how that will affect my book sales?” – Gail

28. “I’m sorry, Dewey. But we are ready to go. now! Are you okay?” – Tatum

29. “People treat me like the antichrist of television journalism.” – Gail

Dimension Films
(Dimension Film)

30. “I will send you a copy. bread! B**ch dropped. We will send you a copy. bread! Seed! Awesome**chi!” – Tatum

31. “Hey Kenny, I know you’re over 50 pounds, but please interpret that when I say hurry up. – Gail

32. “Jamie Lee has always been a virgin in horror movies. She didn’t show her penis until legalized.” – Randy

33. “I think I touched it wrong again.” – Stewart

34. “Stupid leak!” – Tatum

35. “You must remember the safety of those days, you bastard.” – Gail

36. “It’s subtle, Stew. You have to look for it.” – Billy

37. “Before or after slicing?!” – Randy

38. “No, please don’t. [off] I, Ghostface, want to appear in a sequel!” – Tatum

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39. “If you hang up, you’ll die like your mother! Do you want to die, Sydney? Your mother certainly didn’t.” – Ghost Face

40. “Look, you enforce the law and eventually [gone]. Alright, let’s grab a knife in the kitchen.” – Randy

41. “A thousand years. Motivation is secondary.” – Randy

Paramount Pictures
(Paramount Pictures)

42. “Corn syrup. The same one used for pig blood. Carry.” – Billy

43. “We already played that game. remember? You lost.” – Billy

44. “Ah, this is the greatest pleasure. You will love this. I have a surprise for you, Sydney. Yes, you will like this. It’s a scream, baby. Wait a minute, come right back.” – Stewart

45. “What is Leatherface doing here?” – Randy

46. “Have you ever figured out why Hannibal Lecter likes to eat people? Don’t think so! Look, it’s much scarier without a motive, Sid.” – Billy

47. “It’s not that fast. We’re going to play a little game. Name: Guess who just called the police and reported the sorry bastard!” – Sydney

48. “My mom and dad will be so mad at me!” – Stewart

Dimension Films
(Dimension Film)

49. “Watch out. This is the moment when a presumed dead killer comes back to life. – Randy

50. “Not in my movies.” – Sydney

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