ITVX’s ‘solid foundation’: ITV ad revenue surged 16%

ITV had a solid start to the year with ITV Studios (23%), total advertising (16%) and digital revenue (24%) all recording double-digit growth.

Ad surge puts ITV in a strong position

  • Total advertising revenue rose 16% in the three months to the end of March, bringing all media and entertainment revenue to £545 million (up from £483 million a year ago).

  • Advertising revenue recorded strong growth, peaking at a 15% increase in January before gaining 20% ​​in February before easing back to 15% growth in March.

  • The Digital Advertising sub-category remains particularly strong, with a growth rate of 27% compared to Q1 2021.

ITVX Big Loom

  • Ahead of the launch of the ITVX streaming service at the end of the year, ITV’s advertising power is showing strong.

  • The broadcaster is betting heavily on streaming, increasing the amount of available content from 4,000 hours to 6,000 hours thanks to an agreement with Warner to show content like The Sex Lives of College Girls, The OC and One Tree Hill.

  • Most scripted content can now be streamed on and on the same day as it airs. This is an 8% increase over the previous year as a strategy that is paying off with 125 million drama streaming in the four months to the end of April.

  • ITV promises this is just the tip of the iceberg of ambitions, with a slate of new products and features planned to improve personalization.

  • In parallel, Planet V, ITV’s custom addressable advertising platform, recorded more than 1,300 users in the first quarter and attracted 50 digital-only advertisers.

Despite the dark skies, ITV’s director is optimistic.

  • Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive Officer of ITV, said, “… we have successfully advanced our goal of enhancing streaming by increasing content time by 50% in the quarter to 6,000 hours and making the majority of scripted shows available for streaming. are doing at the same time as the first broadcast

  • “All of this provides a solid foundation for ITVX, a free, ad-supported streaming service set to launch in Q4 and we are confident that it will deliver at least £750 million in digital revenue by 2026.”

  • However, while the immediate period will likely prove far more difficult for ITV, total advertising revenue is projected to decline by 6% in the second quarter due to a poor comparison with last year’s euro period, not to mention ongoing macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties. expected.

  • ITV’s tuned eye on commercial opportunity has been at the forefront of promoting product deployment in the UK.


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