Ivy Queen shared an update on her health at the hospital.

Singer and actress Ivy Queen recently revealed her status through her TikTok account. She uploaded some photos of her early stages at her hospital and the treatment she received.

That’s what she mentioned. “I am surrounded by an overwhelming power of mind that never gives up because my heart is a warrior, and I praise myself for how brave I was in this moment.”

In the recently released photo, she is sitting in a hospital room wearing a turban and pajamas. The rest of the photos show her bare torso and some of her purple-tinted flesh near her chest.

What happened to Ivy Queen? A singer posted a picture of a hospital on TikTok.

When Ivy Queen shared an image of herself in a hospital gown after a long surgery or surgery, she made her true followers worry. The singer has a solemn expression sitting on a chair and considering her surgery.

She looked depressed and tired after surgery. Ivy Queen didn’t comment on her brief illness or her surgery she underwent for any kind of medical problem. But she wrote a statement to her followers about how we should all strive to be angels in people’s lives whenever we can. Because no one can predict when bad things will happen to them.

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Ivy Queen Diva/Instagram

It’s still unclear whether Ivy Queen had a relapse of breast cancer or had a brief case of enfermedad. A medical condition that harms certain organs as a result of external influences, discomfort, or injury.

She was recently admitted to the hospital due to ill health, and she shared some photos of her hospitalization on her TikTok account. She also thanked everyone for their kind wishes and support.

Ivy Queen will perform with Panama Sec and Maria Bessera of Argentina at the 3rd Annual Tu Musica Urbano Awards. The concert will be held on June 23, 2022 at the Colosseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Artists such as Jay Wheeler, Nio Garcia and N’Klabe will appear.

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Who is Ivy Queen?

Ivy Queen has 50 years of experience as a singer, rapper, songwriter, songwriter and actress. She was born on March 4, 1972 in Anasco, Puerto Rico. Her La Diva, La Cocorota, La Potra, La Mama de Los Pollitos and La Caballota have all been used to describe her. She has been recording her music since 1995. She has collaborated with major labels such as Sony Discos, Universal Latino, Real, Drama and Machete. Since 2012 she has been working with her own record label, Ivy Queen Musa Sound.

In 2003, she released her third studio album, Diva. The Recording Industry Association of America awarded her two subsequent albums, Flashback and Sentimiento, Gold and Platinum.

In 2010, the 50-year-old released her seventh studio album, Drama Queen, and in 2012, Musa. Themes of women’s empowerment, socio-political issues, infidelity, and relationships are pervasive in her recordings.

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