J-Rod’s first T-Mobile Park HR sparked a big win.

SEATTLE — Mariners manager Scott Seve said the team hasn’t reached emergency yet as the club regrouped after a tiring 10-game road trip on Monday afternoon, but getting things back on track “is to win the game that needs to be won.”

Hours later, his club was in a tighter and tighter way than Servais had probably expected, but they got it done while Seattle won 7-6 against A in last place at T-Mobile Park.

Home runs from Julio Rodriguez, Eugenio Suarez and Karl Raleigh gave the pitching 3 hours and 24 minutes of plenty of room to move after Marco Gonzalez struggled in the 4th and 6th and rookie relief pitcher Penn Murphy got their first hiccup. Clean traffic.

Oakland were on the cusp of a big breakthrough, but Sergio Romo attempted a massive steal to rescue Murfee before Matt Festa, Diego Castillo and Paul Sewald ended an innings without a score.

“It’s definitely the game that we felt the way we hit a home run early, you have to win this game,” Servais said.

After beating their division rivals alone in the postseason in September, the Mariners now have 16 wins, including 13 of their last 20 games against Oakland since early last season.

The A’s have checked everything offseason since the trades of all-stars Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, Chris Bassitt and faithful starting pitcher Sean Manaea. Just like the Mariners did on their roster a few years ago to be younger and more expensive. efficient. The level of talent isn’t what it used to be, but it was still important to take care of the business against the new look of the Oakland squad so to speak.

“It’s almost taken away from us, thanks to Auckland,” Servais said. “They are a very hungry, young and fragile team and that’s what we saw tonight. They won’t stop. The young players there want to play and there are a few veterans who know how to play.”

Back in almost a month, on April 26, the Mariners dropped 19 of the 26 that went into this homestand. During that time, his slugging percentage was only .359, the seventh-lowest in the league. And after conceding 10 home runs to the Red Sox in Boston over the weekend, they recognize the importance of injecting some power into their lineup.

“You live and die by the long ball and we are killed by it in Boston,” Servais said. “We were overwhelmed by it. So it’s good to have a few on our side tonight. Our players can do that,” he said.

Rodríguez’s deep fly was his first at T-Mobile Park and the fourth of his young career. After a tough April, he was batting .333/.364/.524 (.888 OPS) in 22 games in May and was moved to a more permanent cleanup position, starting in Toronto last Monday. If things are going well, it’s because Rodriguez delivered even in this tough situation.

On Monday, he scored three runs from a 376-foot shot and struck with authority into the opposing field against an off-plate slider and flew with an exit speed of 103.8 mph.

“That place [my swing] You have to be honest,” Rodriguez said. “I went after one at bat and then I said, ‘Okay, get something in the middle and put a barrel on it.’ I know myself and know how to drive the ball. know.”

But Raleigh’s appearance could be a big help, especially if the second-year backstop can find more consistency. Raleigh has considerable power as a catcher, but his six-inning single was positive because he exhibits a significant swing-and-miss in his game. This led to his first multi-hit game of the season after publishing just six games in 2021.

Raleigh will continue to see more of Tom Murphy’s absence for the rest of the season, if not the rest of the season, due to a torn joint. He has worked with Gonzalez for the third time in the southpaw’s last four starts.

Gonzales said of working with Raleigh behind the scenes: “I really enjoyed interacting with him. He loves the game of chess, and I think we’re basically the kind of pitchers we have to play chess throughout the game.”

In the case of Gonzalez, he allowed three runs in four innings of 32 pitches and contributed to being sent off in 5.3 innings. But the offense continued to support him and, according to Servais, helped the Mariners win the game they were supposed to win.


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