Jack Dorsey agrees with Elon Musk that banning Trump is a ‘business decision’ and nobody should be permanently banned from Twitter

  • Musk said he plans to acquire Twitter and will restore Trump’s account if the deal is successful.
  • Twitter founder Jack Dorsey said he agrees with Musk that a permanent ban on Twitter is a “failure.”
  • Dorsey was Twitter CEO when Trump’s account was permanently suspended.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey weighs in on Elon Musk’s side after Tesla CEO says Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Donald Trump is “morally wrong and completely stupid.”

Musk will buy Twitter for $44 billion while awaiting approval from shareholders and regulators. On Tuesday, Musk confirmed that he would restore Trump’s account if the deal closes successfully.

Musk said in a live interview he spoke with Dorsey about the permanent ban on Twitter. “He and I agree that permanent bans are extremely rare and should be reserved for bot or spam scam accounts,” Musk said.

Dorsey has confirmed a contract with Musk. Twitter. “There are exceptions (CSE [child sexual exploitation]illegal activity, spam or network manipulation, etc.) but in general, a permanent ban is our failure and doesn’t work,” he said.

Dorsey referred to: line He posted in January 2021 following a Trump ban when Dorsey was CEO.

Axios reporter Dan Primack challenged Dorsey. TwitterAs in Dorsey’s 2021 thread, the Twitter CEO at the time said the situation was unfortunate but banning Trump was “the right thing to do”.

city answered To Primack: “It was a business decision. It shouldn’t be.”

“We should always review our decisions and evolve as needed,” Dorsey added. I said in that thread, but I still believe that a permanent ban on individuals is directionally wrong,” Dorsey added.

He didn’t say Trump’s account should be restored.

separately Tweet, Dorsey said that “business decisions” means that a business has made a decision.

“We made a decision based on the information we had and what we thought was best,” Dorsey said. “It’s impossible.” Tweet.

“It means companies shouldn’t make that decision in the first place,” he added. “It’s not as important as an open conversation.”

Dorsey has previously expressed support for Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, saying that Musk is “one solution” to lead the company.

Trump’s Twitter account was permanently suspended after posting a video of mobs raiding the Capitol building in January 2021. In the video, Trump said, “Go home. We love you. You are very special.”

The company said it had suspended Trump’s account “because of the risk of inciting further violence.”

Trump launched his social media app, Truth Social, in February, which is very much like Twitter. Trump said he won’t be returning to Twitter once Musk restores his account.

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