Jack Grealish flew straight to Ibiza after being absolutely smashed in 48 hours.

On Sunday, City took the title after beating Aston Villa 3-2, which is Grealish’s first trophy since a £100m transfer from Villa last summer.

Shortly after the match, he shared enjoying Birra Moretti in the Etihad dressing room. Perhaps the biggest underestimation of the year.

Enough to turn your head the whole time you read it. But the party has only just begun.

Less than 24 hours later, Grealish flew into Ibiza to visit Wayne Lineker’s O Beach club.

Lineker posted a photo of the couple on Instagram and captioned it. Here he… @jackgrealish.

Everyone has been waiting for Grealish’s trophy for a reason. box office stuff.

However, it was a difficult debut for the former Villa player at Manchester and he had to get used to Pep Guardiola’s system.

The man himself, often an instinctive player, admitted to getting into his head from time to time on the pitch.

“For example, in the second half against West Ham last week, when I scored, I was like, ‘Hey, give me the ball,’ and I was running towards people to create something.

“After the game, I also talked with close people. Father, I thought, ‘This is what I look like playing today.’

“I hope to bring it to the next season. I’m sure they will.”


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