Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Stream, Dates & Where to Watch

Boxer Jake Paul is finally battling in the boxing ring soon, this time with MMA star Anderson Silva. Although there were many matches in the past where Jake Paul was cancelled. But Silva’s character is certainly making everyone curious. Because Silva is a strong opponent to fight.

Read ahead to learn more about Jake Paul, who will soon fight MMA star Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul and his planned fight

Scheduling a fight at a boxing event and doing so is not an easy task. Because there were so many fights that were planned but never happened. Jake Paul was also due to face Tommy Fury on August 6. However, it could not happen due to travel issues.

There was also no match against Hasim Rahman Jr. The weight issue also made sure that didn’t happen. But, hopefully, we can finally see Jake Paul in the boxing ring and it could be a worthy match for all his fans.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Post all delays and cancellations of Jake Paul’s fight. It looks like fans will definitely watch Jake’s boxing match this time around. Because he will soon fight Brazilian MMA star Anderson Silva. The fight will take place next month.

The battle between Anderson Silva and Jake Paul is scheduled for October 29, 2022. This is definitely exciting fans of Silva and Jake as it will be a tough fight for the two, especially Jake. Not to be missed, Silva has praised the Paul brothers as boxers in the past.

Where can I watch the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva match?

According to the announcement, the Silva v Paul match will be held at the Gila River Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, if you don’t want to miss this year’s battle between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva, you can watch it exclusively on-screen.

You can watch boxing matches on Showtime on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. So don’t miss out on the network to watch this year’s exclusive match between Jake Paul and MMA star Anderson Silva.

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