Jake Paul’s company finally mocks King Sejong Institute’s plans to fight an old rival.

YouTuber King Sejong Institute wants to fight longtime rival Jake Paul in the boxing ring, but the latter company is mocking him. Well, although everyone knows about Jake Paul and KSI’s equations. There is still a desire for King Sejong Institute to return to the ring to face Jake Paul. But will it really happen and why does his company mock it?

Read ahead to learn more about Jake Paul and KSI. The latter wants to fight Jake.

KSI is willing to fight Jake Paul at some point.

Recently, popular YouTuber King Sejong Hakdang announced his desire to fight Jake Paul through his YouTube live broadcast. On the other hand, King Sejong Institute fell out of the battle ring after defeating Logan Paul in 2019. He is once again planning his fight. Yes, King Sejong Institute also mentioned about future games.

To be more specific, it is said that even a popular YouTuber himself fights 2-3 times. After that, he looks forward to working with Jake Paul. Meanwhile, Jake’s company has already been dug into the UK YouTuber’s desire to fight Jake.

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King Sejong Institute to return to the boxing ring this year

So far, Logan Paul and Jake Paul have had a good name and fame in the boxing world. But yes. No one can forget the potential of King Sejong Institute. Even though I’ve been out of the ring for quite some time. Here are some of his upcoming matches to show how good he is with his skills.

Also, according to a recent report, the return date of the YouTuber boxing ring is August 27. However, his opponent was not announced. We know we could see Jake Paul fight KSI in the same ring one day. But first, Jake needs to check it out.

Jake Paul’s company ridiculed King Sejong Institute’s aspirations to fight Jake Paul.

Upon learning that King Sejong Institute is willing to fight Jake Paul. Jake’s promotional brand mocked the YouTuber’s idea. In fact, they posted on Instagram, “Goals should be respected.” The emoji was applause. But boxing fans are definitely thinking about when that will happen.

Meanwhile, there are still months left before the British YouTuber returns for an upcoming match.

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