Jason Momoa car accident with motorcycle cyclist in Calabasas

‘Aquaman’ actor Jason Momoa was involved in a head-on collision in Los Angeles last weekend. The “Aquaman” star hit a motorcycle moving in the opposite direction while turning a curve on Old Topanga Canyon Road close to the Calabasas area on Sunday.

According to TMZ, the rider who flew briefly through the air and collided with Momoa’s windshield before landing on the other side of the road was not injured. They were finally able to stand up. When he arrived at the hospital, he had wounds on his thumb and leg. TMZ insists that she’s okay with Momo. Police received a report, but TMZ insisted there were no impacts from the accident.

First images of Jason Momoa in Fast X

An established action series, Fast X just cast Jason Momoa as the antagonist. According to TMZ, the actor prepared difficult maneuvers as part of the show. In Rome, he climbed the stairs riding a pig attached to a camera. After he reached the top, he went down again and took off his jacket, revealing a tank top that only partially covered his endless muscles.

About Lisa Bonnett and Jason Momoa

According to previous TMZ reports, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonnet are about to file for divorce after more than four years of marriage. On Wednesday, the famous couple unexpectedly announced their breakup in a joint statement posted on social media.

According to Jason and Lisa, who they believe this is “a time of transformation,” in addition to “feeling a sense of seismic change and growing up,” “we felt the crisis and change of this era.”

In October 2017, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonnet broke up. Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa have two children. Co-parenting is likely to continue as Jason and Lisa define their love for their children as “unchanging.”

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