Jaylen Brown, Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin spoke to support students at Donda Academy in Kanye West.

The basketball players at Kanye West’s Donda Academy received moral support from three NBA players: Jaylen Brown, Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Morehouse College Fires Donda Academy

Jaylen Brown gave her words of encouragement to the players at Donda Academy during a Zoom meeting on Sunday. He joins Boston Celtics teammate Blake Griffin and Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving.

An NBA trio meeting was reportedly cut by Morehouse College from Kanye West’s school schedule.

The university also clarified in a statement that West’s “recent divisive and counterproductive remarks are unacceptable”.

Brown, on the other hand, described the case as an ‘unlucky withdrawal’.

Students at Donda Academy were originally scheduled to face off against Atlanta’s Skill Factory on November 6th at Morehouse.

However, the All-Star side said, “We are currently looking for a different solution.”

Meanwhile, bodyguard AJ Johnson said ‘[The NBA players] They just said they would help us and they would help us along the way.’

He said, ‘After all, with Donda Dove on the chest, we’re basically playing for Kanye. it’s his school So, if our name is associated with him, it can result in: NIL doesn’t want to do business with us, or people don’t want to contract with us, or something like that.’

Jaylen Brown breaks up with Kanye West’s agency Donda.

Last week, news broke that Jaylen Brown was leaving Kanye West’s Donda Sports agency.

Despite this, he still worries about his students because he believes they shouldn’t suffer from Kanye West’s pranks.

I also started Twitter when rumors spread that Donda Academy would be closed for another year.

He wrote, ‘To the high school basketball coach and event coordinator, this student athlete cannot be negatively impacted by this.’

In addition, he said, ‘I plan to sponsor an existing event or a new event that wants to host the Donda Academy. We all need to make sure they finish their freshman year in both academics and athletics.’

Brown continued, ‘Call me. We do not cancel our children.’

Meanwhile, Brown previously expressed concern about the future of his players being affected by the anti-Semitic remarks made by the 45-year-old rapper.

He said, ‘I don’t deserve a season to end suddenly, or a sudden drop in grades or cuts. The only sin they have committed is trying to get a unique opportunity to get ahead in life.’


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