Jeezy shows how Tupac influenced his childhood and guided him through street life.

Jeezy recalled his childhood in a recent interview. He said Tupac’s music taught him ‘how to survive and get through the streets’.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jeezy reveals about his childhood

Jeezy recently sat down for an interview with Drink Champa. During the exchange, he talked about how important Tupac was to his formative years.

He said, ‘Every morning before going to school, I listened to Master’s Fee, Eight Ball, and MJG, but my favorite was Tupac.’

What’s more, the 45-year-old singer recalled that ‘he was still there because he was standing for something’. He had values, he had morals, and he had integrity. But I’ve never seen it before. My uncle is going to steal twenty dollars from his socks.’

‘I couldn’t get any information from them,’ he said. So I learned how to survive and navigate the streets.’

Besides, Jeezy said, ‘I want to say that 90%, um, 10% is music, and 90% survived because these guys are coming. It’s survival and exploring what’s going on.’

Jeezy calls Tupac’s music his ‘bible’.

In an interview, Jeezy talked about how listening to Tupac’s songs had affected her life.

He said, ‘I listened to Tupac as if it were my Bible. How I move, how I handle situations, and it was embedded in me. Before I knew what it was, he was a revolutionary. He was actually standing for something.’

The father of four said, ‘I would take that risk when everyone around me is so used to his lifestyle that he doesn’t want to have a better life’.

He argued, ‘My Bible, there was nothing rude to a great friend in those days. [Biggie]It was all Tupac albums.’

Snowman noted that Tupac’s music became part of his daily routine, listening to his songs every morning while going to school.

Jeezy said her routine changed when she was in sixth grade and had to drop out of school to support her family.

‘But I knew Tupac did what he had to do, and he did it,’ he added.

Meanwhile, Jeezy also talked about breaking up with his former manager and quality management co-founder, Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, in 2007.

He simply said, ‘Money is a joke and boundaries seem to blur without the right type of communication.’


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