Jen Shah applauds critics who compare her to Emperor’s New Groove’s Yzma.

Jen Shah applauds fashion critics.

zen sha

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Shah-mazing or fashion failure? zen sha arrived at Salt Lake City’s Real Housewives Jean Louis Sabaji reunited in a purple velvet gown.

With feathered shoulders and crystal designs hanging from the neckline, fans are starting to compare the reality star to everything under the sun: Disney’s villain Yzma. Emperor’s Bird Groove.

Housewives Addicted’s fan account shared Shah and Yzma side by side with the caption, “Emperor’s New Groove’s Cleary Yzma was Jen’s reunion fashion inspiration.”

The reality star clapped without wasting time pointing out that the couture ensemble actually only had one page. Cardi B‘s playbook. “It was actually @iamcardib, but I wouldn’t have expected you to know it,” she wrote. The “WAP” singer had previously worn this number at the November 2021 American Music Awards.

Even though Shah set the record right, Twitter continued to pour in memes. One user wrote “Jen Shah as Theodore Pauley”, referring to the purple creature from Monster’s Inc. Another netizen described the outfit as “terrible”.

Emperor Yzma's New Groove



While Shah’s costumes took center stage, she wasn’t the only one to face critics. Bravo fans were generally dissatisfied with the woman’s appearance. Fans flooded the comments section of the Bravo by Batches Instagram account after the reunion show outfits were revealed.

“Why do they all look like they’ve been shopping in a bad prom dress store?” One user asked a question and another said, “More stylists should move to Utah.” Someone else shouted, “No, no!”

Meredith MarksThe Christian Cowan dress also sparked minority comparisons, with fans saying she resembles everything from ‘Nurse at Elton John Hospital’ to ‘Muppets’.

Whitney Wild Rose, she wore a fan-favorite Liastublla’s velvet green gown. heather gay Arrived wearing a navy velvet dress, Lisa Barlow Metallic purple numbers were worn by Jennie Nguyen in flashy purple numbers.

while Mary CosbyThe costume was probably for the book, and the reality star didn’t attend the reunion. “Mary M. Cosby didn’t come as you were told. It was very disappointing to me.” Andy Cohen He said in a January broadcast of his SiriusXM radio show. “I was talking to her on New Year’s Eve a few hours before going on air. We had a long conversation and we told her stories, but I got the feeling she didn’t appreciate being on the show anymore.”

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