Jennie Cano’s Rainy Debut History (for now)

MINNEAPOLIS — When Yennier Cano one day recalls his major league debut, it’s safe to say that his memory of that landmark day in any player’s baseball career will be very, very different from that of almost everyone in MLB history.

There is a strange twist. As Kanu was officially announced as a new pitcher and entered the system, Wednesday will go into the official roster as his MLB debut despite never pitching, according to Elias Sports. soup.

In fact, Kanu first jogged from the bullpen to the target field mound, threw every warm-up ball off the pitch mound, stared at the sign, took a deep breath, then threw the rubber and got ready to throw. When a non-delegation was officially requested for Martín Maldonado to officially start his MLB career.

So Kano’s official debut date will always be remembered for the fact that he never actually threw a ball.

Currently, Cano is only one member of Major League Baseball history with pitcher Larry Yount (brother of the Robin Yount Hall of Fame), who made the official record without a hitter. Yount was on the mound for the Houston Astros on September 15, 1971, but suffered an injury during a warm-up pitch. Yount never appeared in a big league game again.

It’s unlikely that Cano will join Yount forever. That’s because he’ll likely pitch in a doubleheader on Thursday, which will resume Wednesday’s suspended game before the Twins and Astros play the series finale. The Astros lead 5-1 in the 4th inning.

However, as of Wednesday night, Kano’s debut was uncertain, but he was one of the most unique figures in baseball history and will soon be an unforgettable experience.


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