Jennifer Lopez criticized Shakira’s belly dance for saying it lacked ‘essence’ on her 2020 halftime show.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s halftime performance at the 2020 Super Bowl will go down in history as one of the most memorable. Music icons wowed crowds at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, lauded for their on-stage chemistry. JLo has now revealed behind the scenes the duo’s performance on the football field in a new Netflix documentary. She thought the two headliners were “the worst idea in the world.”

The singer-actor mentioned it in the documentary Halftime. A media released on June 14 said, “I admire a person who kept his composure even in this ordeal. I doubt we could have played the Super Bowl 5 or 10 years ago. I was not prepared for what was to come.”

Before the show, JLo and Shakira FaceTimed each other

“I have more things I want to achieve.” I have too much to say. I’m not done yet. “We’re not even close,” said Jennifer Lopez. “The more you know what each other is thinking, the easier and easier it will be.” Lopez overheard JLo and Shakira FaceTimed each other before the show. Shakira told Jennifer Lopez, “I know the Super Bowl people want us to be threaded throughout the broadcast.

JLo interrupted her and said, “We’ve got good confirmation that we can stay another one or two minutes, so we’ll be there in 13-14.” Shakira, I think we should have half the time.”

Benny Medina, Lopez’s manager, said: “It’s insulting that it takes two Latino women to do what an artist has historically been doing.”

The Internet reacts to JLo’s statement.

One netizen tweeted: “JLO compared belly dancing to “simply shaking your ass” in a new documentary. She argued that this style of dancing and what Shakira has to offer are not culturally relevant enough to be performed on stage. It came after expressing dissatisfaction with being on stage with Shakira. It’s bittersweet, it’s offensive and it’s not right.”

Another person with a similar view said, “It’s completely insensitive to my culture. Jlo has let our whole family down.”

“Tell me about Shakira’s contribution to Lebanon. Shakira is more proud of her Latina and Colombian heritage than her own Lebanese heritage. She’s been to Lebanon only once in her lifetime, and she’s smart enough to do her belly dance because she knew it was new to western culture and it made her famous. “Someone else said.

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