Jennifer Lopez gets emotional reminiscent of Hustlers Oscars snuff in Netflix’s new documentary trailer

Jennifer Lopez is disheartened to learn that she has not been nominated for an Oscar in 2020.

The event became one of the Academy Awards’ headlines after her first failure to win Best Supporting Actress.

Netflix’s latest documentary, Halftime, follows Lopez awaiting an Oscar in her co-production Hustlers.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jennifer Lopez sheds tears after winning the Oscars.

Jennifer Lopez shot the documentary ‘Halftime’ while she was going through an exciting time in her life.

It should have also included an Oscar nomination, but it didn’t come to fruition.

At the beginning of the documentary, the singer shares about being cast in Hustlers. She also explains why the projects are so different.

The actress said, ‘It was amazing when I got the hustler. It was rough. There was content. And that’s what I’ve been fighting for in my career.’

Jennifer Lopez
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As the documentary progressed, it showed the film’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2019.

“I really thought I had a chance,” Lopez said in a confession. I felt like I had let everyone down.’

However, as he got closer to the Oscar nomination, Lopez seemed to be noticeably more emotional.

Nevertheless, the musician woke up empty-handed on the morning of being nominated for an Oscar.

Lopez opened up about the loss during a conversation with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour Visionaries.

The 52-year-old entertainer said, ‘It was a little disappointing because there were a lot of things that piled up. There were too many articles.’

J.Lo has previously spoken quite a bit about her struggling to “hear, see, take seriously” in the Hollywood industry.

Fans react to Jennifer Lopez being ignored

Fans flooded with love and support after watching Jennifer Lopez’s documentary Halftime.

They came together on the internet to express that an artist truly deserves an Academy Award.

One fan said, ‘I’m in tears… You have our hearts. That’s your Oscar.’

No one else will ever get over Jennifer Lopez, known as JLo, not getting an Oscar nomination as the Hustlers. I’m just not going to #Half time.’

Another user added, ‘Seeing this doesn’t upset me again that she didn’t get an Oscar nomination for #Hustlers.’

One Twitter user commented, ‘@JLo This is not a documentary that boils my blood again at the tyranny of the supporting actor Oscar… ‘ he pointed out.

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