Jennifer Lopez Impresses at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

Jennifer Lopez sobbed as she won the Generation Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 on Sunday. “When I see that movie, I think of all the wonderful people I had fun meeting and working with.” After a scene from her film was run during her victory speech, Lopez said, “You’re just as good as the people you work with.” “If you’re lucky, they’ll help you better.” In that respect, I am quite blessed. I’m not any woman I’ve played as an actress, but there’s a bit of myself in each of them.”

What made Jennifer Lopez so emotional?

Jennifer Lopez takes home the Generation Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 on Sunday night. Lopez’s achievements were fully mentioned before editing the best moments of her 30-year career in TV, film, music and fashion, and Jennifer Lopez sheds tears on screen as host Vanessa Hudgens presents her with her award. flashed on

Jennifer Lopez thanked many people.

“As an actress, I am not any woman I play,” she explained. “But I have my own component and each role that is absolutely true to me. Tonight, I have a different kind of audition list.” Lopez expressed her gratitude to those who gave her her joy, to those who broke her heart, and her true love and failure to teach her how to be brave.

“Thank you to everyone who helped me to exist. I want to thank the people who made me happy, the people who broke my heart, the people who told me the truth, and the people who lied to me,” Lopez said. “I want to accept true love and the way I lie to myself,” she says, “so I knew I needed to make progress.”



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