Jermell Charlo defeated Brian Castano to become the 154 pound four-belt champion.

Carson, CA — Jemmel Charlotte was well aware of the pressure she had to endure to defeat tough Argentinian Brian Castano.

So, Charlo finished off Castano with a knockout in round 10 after weakening on Saturday night to counter almost every blow from his fellow champions.

The victory made the Houston Fighter the four-belt champion in the 154 pound division.

“It was difficult. I wanted to make sure this was my fight,” Charlo said later in the ring.

Despite being outlanded 194-173 on full punches and 175-142 on power punches, Charlo was more precise and controlled in his efforts while out-jabbing Castano (31-19), leading to their draw 10 months ago.

Judge David Sutherland was 87-84, Zachary Young’s cards were 88-83 and Glenn Feldman was 89-82 in Charlo’s favor.

In the 10th, Charlotte (35-1-1, 19KO) dropped Castano with a body shot first. The pain clearly remained for Argentina and Charlo jumped up forever with a combination of a right hook to the body and a head-to-floor Castano.

“We have shown that we are warriors.” Castano said. “We were both fighting back and forth.”

Charlo and Castano had a draw in Texas 10 months ago, and Judge Nelson Vazquez stunned the bout with a 117-111 (3 losses in 9 rounds) in Charlo’s favor, after the other referees scored 114 points. It triggered a tie. Castano is a -113, 114-114 draw.

When asked what was the difference between this fight and the violent clashes before that, Castano said, “He hit me. He got me.”

Charlo follows the recent claims of current super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and Scotland’s Josh Taylor, who collected all four junior welterweight belts last year.

“The future is bright.” Charlo said.

Germell, the twin brother of undefeated WBC middleweight champion Zermol Charlotte, fought fiercely through a very exciting first half, especially in Round 5. Castano repeatedly paralyzed Charlotte’s head with powerful blows.

But by the 7th Charlo’s landing shot cooled Castano’s aggression.

“I could see him getting tired.” Charlo said.

In honor of his trainer Derrick James rounding the corner for undefeated welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr., Charlo put on an impressive boxing match to win rounds 8 and 9 as Castano’s offense ran out.

Looking back on the highlights of round 10, Charlo said, “That’s all she wrote. It’s over.

“I worked really hard for this piece.”

Philadelphia welterweight “Boots” Jaron Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs) used a co-main event to back up the theory of some fighting game veterans who envision him as a rare talent who will ultimately become the sport’s most skilled champion.

After knocking down Canada’s Custio Clayton (19-1-1) with a variety of whipped head shots and damaging midsection punches, Ennis set him up with multiple jabs and smashed Clayton into a neutral corner before landing overhand. backed up with To the top of Clayton’s head.

Clayton struggled to get up as Ennis danced in the corner, staggered badly and couldn’t find a footing when the game ended at 2:49 rounds.

“We’re in and out like robbers.” Ennis opened her mouth. “We don’t get overtime pay.”

Ennis, who took first place as the undefeated contender of the International Boxing Federation’s three-belt champion Spence, said to Spence sitting in the arena, “Anyone can get it. Now I am the IBF No. 1 contender. Big Fish (Spence’s nickname) is here. It’s time to go fishing.”

Then Ennis mimicked a fishing line tossing at Spence, swaying the prize money. However, Spence has begun negotiations with the undefeated Terrence Crawford to a bout for the welterweight title.

In the undercard action, Philippine super bantamweight Marlon Tapales (36-3, 19KO) defeated Mexico’s Jose Estrella with a body shot in the second round to secure the winner and first place place in the International Boxing Tournament on June 25th. Federation/World Boxing Association bout between champion MJ Akhmadaliev and Ronny Rios of California.

Mexico’s Kevin Gonzalez (25-0-1), another super bantamweight, started the Showtime show by beating Puerto Rico’s Emanuel Rivera with unanimous decision wins 96-94, 97-93 and 98-92.

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