Jessi took the place of Sunmi and revealed Sunmi in the Shorter View.

Jessie, the host of season 1 of the starting talk show ‘Shorter View’, said she didn’t even know she was being replaced. The singer of What Kind of X responded, “I didn’t know how lucky they were,” referring to the range staff shown in a fan’s Instagram comment.

Then, through Instagram Live, he clarified the misunderstanding in order to prevent misunderstanding with his words. Jesse took a break and made it clear that he wasn’t sure if the gift would come back. She also said they are unlikely to return.

Nevertheless, she went on to say that “I didn’t feel any bitterness at all” after learning that she had been replaced by a fan.

Jessie found out from the show host that she had lost her job. “I found out yesterday”

Nunu Nana Vocalist Jessi is known for her likable attitude and candid and unaffected opinions. As a result, the chat show, known as Jessie’s Shorter View, quickly gained a great response. She gave K-pop idol visitors a cynical, crazy, and never-before-seen identity.

Psy appeared as a special guest in the final episode of Jessie’s Shorter View, which aired on April 29th. According to Korean media, SBS selected Sunmi as the new MC after months of radio silence. Neither Network nor Sunmi have made an official statement about this.

Upon news of her death, fans sent heartfelt messages to her photos in the comments. Although she did not announce the change, Jesse responded and wished him well.

After that, Jessie held an Instagram live and gathered various topics such as SBS entertainment programs. It has been made clear that he fully supports Sunmi directly and honestly.

“I am in a situation right now and this is from the bottom of my heart. As if I had no reason to gossip about anything. I sincerely wish Sunmi good health.”

The Cold-Blooded singer pointed out that Showterview was plagued with suspicion. But now, things seem to be getting better with my best friend Sunmi taking over.

Public Reaction to Sunmi’s Possibility of Hosting Next Season

Fans cheered for Sunmi’s progress in the new season. However, Jessie, who best revealed the charm and charm of her idol through her candid interview, also expressed the disappointment of her fans. She used to laugh about smoking, getting plastic surgery, joking around with her grown-ups, abusing people, and more.

According to the audience, Gasina’s vocals could not add to that feeling. Not everyone is like that. As she ran her show on her own terms, Jessi in her live stream was confident her next season would be different, she said.

“To be honest, I know one thing about ‘Showterview’ will be different because it wasn’t written in the script. “

She also urged supporters to help Sunmi and the shorter view, saying, “It’s better than nothing.”

Sunmi received support from the famous Zoom vocalist during the live broadcast. She also told her fans that “weird is good” at times, which made them eager for a potential second season with the singer Kashina.

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