Jessie breaks silence over unfair treatment by tour organizers

Jessie cussed the organizers for the abuse she had been subjected to for a while at a recent concert.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jesse mentions mismanagement of European tour organizer during performance

Jesse announced the Beyond Your Imagination Europe tour in August and kicked off in Berlin on October 8th. She is traveling and will perform in five European cities.

However, the 33-year-old K-pop soloist spoke up about a nightmare experience he had while traveling for a show in Paris.

Jesse explained the situation at the time and secretly referred to Tim Kim (Kim Ho-woong), the organizer of his European tour, as ‘this man’.

‘I didn’t expect everything to happen here,’ she said. So she tried to cancel this trip because of this guy. He’s a fucking coward.’

She also said, ‘He’s not a fucking person. I saw him today and he was eating. I didn’t eat today or last night, and I was too busy looking for a hotel.’

Additionally, the New York native shared a detailed version of the abuse she suffered before the Paris concert.

Jesse said, ‘I had to book my own damn hotel, book the train myself, and no complaints. At the end of the day, when I see you, everything changes.’

She continued, ‘So I decided to cancel today. [the show] It’s because I’m not feeling well now and my voice is gone.’

But she said, ‘I’m going to stop myself for this, but I’ll do my best tonight, you damn it you know.’

Fans react to Jessi’s turbulent experience in Europe.

Many of Jessi’s fans took to social media to blame the concert manager for repeatedly stranding the Zoom singer. They added love and support to Jesse.

One fan said, ‘In the opening part, there was a part where Jessie was talking about a motherfucker who cheated on her. And hugs her mother. Please love Jessie a lot.’

Another user said, ‘You must take responsibility for what you did to Jessie, mom, friends, and fans. I cannot forgive you.’

Another tweeted, “Jesse has the sweetest soul.” Seeing her go through something like this really breaks her heart. But we are happy to have her mental health and amazing people around us taking care of us. Tonight felt like a group hug.’


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