Jim Pillen Wins Nebraska Republican Governor Primary Election

Jim Pillen, a pig farmer and University of Nebraska regent, was named a Republican nominee for governor of Nebraska on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

“Nebraska voters made it clear tonight that they value conservative leadership that represents their Christian conservative values,” Philen said after the victory. “Thank you to everyone across our state who helped make our campaign the best tonight. Tonight we will celebrate a great victory. Tomorrow, we’ll be back at work in the fight to keep Nebraska great.”

Senator Brett Lindstrom of Pillen and businessman Charles Herbster, ahead of the presidential election on Tuesday, face off in a competition backed by former President Donald Trump. But Pillen’s fundraising advantage may have pushed him to the finish line. High The highest donation of all candidates.

Herbster’s defeat puts an end to Trump’s complete support record in the mid-cycle 2022. In an unusual campaign move, Pillen refused to attend debates with opponents and instead opted for a candidate forum and small meetings with voters. As a result, Pillen held more than 400 meetings with voters across Nebraska’s 93 counties.

“It’s really, really important that all 93 counties matter. The entire state of Nebraska matters, and everyone in Nebraska matters. And the last day. We’re working hard to reach the areas where the Republicans have the most votes. Their share” Pillen said strategy’s.

He didn’t win Trump’s support, but Pillen voted for the former president in the 2016 and 2020 primary. Pillen has the support of some of the state’s top Republicans, including Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts(R) and former Governor Kay Orr.

Nebraska Republican nominee for governor Jim Pyllen (center) speaks about his campaign after winning support from Governor Pete Ricketts at the State Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. Pillen is in a crowded primary to succeed Ricketts, who leaves office next year because of his term limits, and he has the backing of former Governor Kay Orr (left). (AP Photo/Grant Schulte)

Pillen’s top supporters also include Nebraska football manager Tom Osborn and entertainment personality Larry Cable Guy.

Some of the major issues Pillen campaigned on included rejecting critical racial theory, the position of law enforcement officers, protecting the southern border and ending President Joe Biden’s border crisis, and defending the Second Amendment.

As regent of the University of Nebraska, Pillen has proposed a resolution to prevent the imposition of critical racial theories on campuses. However, he faced criticism in the campaign path that supported a vote that led to the creation of an Office of Diversity and Inclusion on campus.

As a Nebraska examiner report:

Herbster pointed to Pillen’s 2018 vote as regent of the University of Nebraska in support of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to hire a leader to establish a new Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The office was created after four years of research following a racial incident on the UNL campus. Pillen has been regent of the NU since 2013.

About Law Enforcement Pillen said Attempts to fund the police are “reckless and dangerous.”

philendo ran As a life sentence candidate, he opposed taxpayer-assisted abortion.

his campaign Concentration Agricultural and property tax issues, issues affecting many Nebraska states. He proposed limiting increases in school spending as a way to make the state property tax fund a larger part of school funds.

Pillen promised to run the government as he would run his family’s pig farm. “In business, we don’t raise our own budget. said. “We always figure out how to do more for less. We must continue that mantra and keep more money by reducing government invasions and spending less.”

Pillen will face Democrats candidate Governor Carol Blood is expected to win the election easily as Nebraska has not elected a Democrat for governor since 1995.

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