Jimmy Eat World Something Loud Tour 2022: Tickets, Dates & Venue

2022 will be an iconic year in the revival of music festivals and tours that have been suspended due to the pandemic, with a new music festival kicking off with Jimmy It World Tour 2022. A year with Dashboard Confessional. Next up is definitely Jimmy Eat World’s Something Loud Tour. So, what can you expect from this tour?

Read ahead to learn more about Jimmy Eat World Tour 2022 and other details.

Jimmy It World Tour 2022 release date

This American rock band has always offered some iconic events to enjoy. There is a newer tour called “Something Loud Tour 2022”. Yes, this tour comes after we did the Surviving Truth tour earlier this year. Well, if that interests you enough, here we have a release date as well.

The Something Loud Tour 2022 kicks off on September 8th this year. If you go through September, there are dates from October to the 29th. It will definitely make everyone curious about where the tour takes place and the ticket details.

2022 Something Loud Tour Venue

Jimmy Eat World is already excited about the upcoming Something Loud Tour this year. It starts in September of this year. Day one will be held at Rock Hall Live in Cleveland, Ohio. The next day, we take them to Columbus, Ohio for a KEMBA live. Additional information on venues and tours can be found on Jimmy Eat World’s social media accounts.

As mentioned earlier, it runs throughout September of this year. Finally, we will be placing it in place in October as well. Because there are destinations in North America and the UK. You can actually check the history of the ticket as well.

2022 Something Loud Tour ticket availability

If you’ve already decided to buy tickets to the Something Loud Tour this year. Then, from June 1st, the pre-sale of tour tickets will start. Also, the time is 10am local time.

However, general ticket sales will start at 10am local time on June 3rd. A site to pick up tickets and check details is available at Ticketmaster. You can find prices and ticket categories on the mentioned sites.

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