Jockey Sonny Leon was disciplined after winning the Kentucky Derby. not the first time

Kentucky Derby Winner It could change Sonny Leon’s career, but not immediately.

Rich Strike Rider He is being suspended this week for the fifth time since September.

two days after riding Win 80-1 in America’s Most Prestigious Horse Racing32-year-old Venezuelan Four-day suspension begins for careless riding That will prevent him from competing again until Friday.

The latest penalty is Leon’s third reckless suspension in the past nine months, according to a regulatory decision compiled by the Association of Racing Commissioners International. He was also sanctioned for presenting forged and falsified documents from the physical examination to a West Virginia janitor and misusing the whip to conspicuously injure one of his mounts.

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Five suspensions for a total of 32 days Leon has missed or will miss after September 15th.

“You have to be aggressive to win,” said jockey agent Jeff Perrin. “I think people have their judgment and I don’t want to say too much for political reasons. But you have to be aggressive.”

Leon’s latest suspension was imposed by the steward at Thistledown, Ohio, on April 27 after Leon’s mare One Glamorous Gal was found to have interfered with the Ultra Rays in a $28,000 pay race. To block words coming from inside.”

Aboard Ultra Rays, Jockey Alexander Chavez pushed Leon with his right hand during a bumpy ride in the middle stretch. However, while Leon protested, both riders were suspended and their horses disqualified. Ultra Rays crossed the finish line a second time. Glamorous Girl 1/3

Leon’s disciplinary action was originally set at 8 days, but he did not appeal and it was reduced to 4 days. A specific date was set so as not to interfere with his existing riding duties. As with most racing jurisdictions, Ohio rules do not prohibit participation in “designated races” such as the Kentucky Derby if a riding offense entails a suspension of not more than 10 days.

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Perrin said Leon was offered a chance to ride on the Gulfstream this week, but would instead play seven races on Friday. Beltera Park in Cincinnati Before “a little more work” at Churchill Downs over the weekend.

“We’re still trying to get back to Earth,” Perrin said. “I’ve reached out to some of the trainers behind the scenes we talked to over the derby weekend. What we’re not going to do is forget the people who helped get it to the derby.”

Leon won 71 of his 399 starts this year, but the derby was the first graded stake win in his career.

“It put him on the map without a doubt,” Perrin said. “It’s hard to guess. Our dream was to get him into the derby.”

Leon was already the number one rider. Rich Strike trainer Eric Reed, and rode all of Reed’s Belterra entries this month. Reed replaced veteran jockey John McKee at Belterra on Tuesday to win one of the races he took part in. The total prize money for the $18,600 bonus race was equal to 1% of the winner’s share of the Derby prize pool.

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