Joe Biden met transgender TikToker “Dylan Mulvaney” after a controversial claim that he would one day become a mother.

President Joe Biden reportedly invited Dylan Mulvaney, an adult who recently began to recognize himself as a young woman, for an interview at the White House on Thursday evening. I said in a video uploaded to TikTok that I sat down with Joe Biden and NowThisNews and asked a few questions that included transgender issues in America and talked about my transgender people. Dylan Mulvaney’s public profile rose rapidly in the seven and a half months after she started being recognized as a little girl, basically thanks to the ‘Days of Girlhood’ series on the popular video-sharing app TikTok.

His 66th day ‘Girls’ Generation’ video blog, which is playing in the forest wearing high heels and sports bras, is attracting attention recently. Is this a lady or something like a Woodland Elf? Young America’s Foundation speaker and DailyWire host Matt Walsh commented in a new episode of his podcast. The interview was not part of President Biden’s official calendar, but Dylan Mulvaney’s TikTok includes videos taken from inside the White House grounds and the Oval Office. The way our president watched ‘Girls’ Generation’ is kind of legendary, adds Dylan Mulvaney. Dylan Mulvaney has announced that the interview will air on Sunday night.

Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney is a trance entertainer, comic book and content creator. Dylan Mulvaney has additionally won the Tiktok Trailblazer Award for ‘Days of Girlhood’, a viral series documenting her transformation journey, IMDB reports. Celebrities likewise played Elder White in the Book of Mormon. According to them, Dylan Mulvaney is known for giving observers a free and genuine perspective on the transgender experience. In an interview with the portal, she said, “You’re just a transgender contempt. She gave users free permission to mock her voice, her outfit, and even her character. You mustn’t laugh.

The celebrity spoke more about her struggles in the entertainment industry, I dedicated my life to becoming a celebrity, and I came to submit to the business as I struggled to be manly in shape. I finally got the win when I got a role in the musical Book of Mormon, but it hurt my real sexual identity. I was experiencing my fantasies, but there was no room for conversion. When I lost my job when the pandemic hit, I thought, ‘I had nothing to do, so I naturally ended up acting.’

The Internet reacted quickly to Joe Biden and Dylan.

The Internet reacted quickly to Joe Biden and Dylan Mulvaney’s meeting. One user said, “@potus, what did your head smell like when #dylanmulvaney jumped in? Another user claimed that Joe Biden and Dylan Mulvaney’s meeting wasn’t on his to-do list for 2022. Another user” good. But after seeing Queen Dylan Mulvaney talking with US President Joe Biden, I have been thinking about what leaders are doing to promote the freedom of LGBTQIA+ people, especially trans individuals. them?.

In the meantime, the tweet read DYLAN MULVANEY MET JOE BIDEN That is Crazy. Another tweet said, “Please accept my apologies. What did Dylan Mulvaney know about the trans problem yet? He’s using trans labels for likes through social media and influencers, and it’s a complete human joke.. .. to me he is the last individual I need to discuss trans/orientation issues Other users will know what is important to transgender ideology when someone like Dylan Mulvaney meets @POTUS to discuss the concerns of Americans identified as transgender. I thought I could.

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