Joe Gatto jokes on tour during divorce that life is ‘Pretty F – Fantastic King’

Joe Gatto jokes on tour during divorce that life is 'Pretty F - Fantastic King'

Joe Gato.

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Keep things light. Joe Gato He joked about his life during his first standup appearance after breaking up with his wife. Betsy Gato.

“It was really fun,” the eyewitness said alone. our week On Friday, January 14th, Joe’s Show was held the day before. “He was very optimistic. He never stopped smiling.”

that much unreal joker The 45-year-old graduate, who announced on New Year’s Eve that he would be dropping out of the TruTV series after 10 years, “didn’t seem nervous at all,” the source added.

Joe Gatto jokes on tour during divorce that life is 'Pretty F - Fantastic King'

Joe and Bessie Gato.

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Joe performed on Thursday, January 13th at the Rhythm City Casino Resort Event Center in Davenport, Iowa. The tour came weeks after the comedian also confirmed on December 31 that his wife, who had been with him for eight years, had decided to part.

During the show, Joe didn’t go into detail about himself. unreal joker According to eyewitnesses, they showed signs of separation or breakup, but when a fan asked, “How is your life?”, he joked about the current situation. medium performance.

“He was ‘really fantastic,'” the insider recalled, adding that he was “one of the better jokes” and one of the few who seemed to be referring to his marital status. “He did not go deep into his private life,” the source added. “He made some jokes about it and moved on. He did not dwell on one subject too long.”

The 45-minute set focused mainly on his dogs. Joe and Bessy, 39, share 17 pups, many of which are raised by themselves.

“One of the questions is ‘[Name] Your favorite dog vs. your favorite child’ and that’s as much as he said about his kids,” said an eyewitness. Us, explains that throughout the show, Joe had a “good attitude” about his personal circumstances.

Earlier this week, a former member of the Tenderloins troupe, with Betsy, daughter Milana, 6, and son Remington, 4, announced a comedy tour after their breakup.

In an Instagram post on Monday, January 10, Joe wrote, “I had no idea what life would be like at this moment as I was dedicated to a series of upcoming shows starting this week in the Midwest. I’ll keep all the dates because now there’s a little laughter and kindness. ”

He said, “I’m excited to be able to share laughter with the fans on the tour, which is scheduled to run from January to May.”

The next day, Joe left for the first time since he announced he was leaving the program he had made with old friends. James “Mur” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn and Sal Vulcano.

Joe was filmed heading to the airport on Tuesday, January 11th. On the same day, Bessy was spotted without a wedding ring at a gas station in Long Beach, New York.

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