Joe Manchin won’t budge on Senate filibuster after at least 18 children are killed in Texas school shooting

  • Manchin did not give up his opposition to the destruction of filibusters.
  • “Filibusters are the only thing that keeps us from going completely insane,” he told reporters.
  • Democrats call for resolution of shootings Texas elementary school shooting.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin pushed for the repeal of the filibuster to pass gun control legislation on Tuesday evening.

comes in just a few hours fatal elementary school shooting in Yuvalde, Texas At least 18 children and teachers were killed..

“It doesn’t make sense why you can’t do common sense to prevent some of this from happening,” Manchin told reporters at the Capitol. “I can’t believe how we got here as a society.”

“It’s really terrible,” he said. “You all know where I stand. I will do everything I can.”

Conservative Democrats, however, have not said a word about their opposition to the filibuster removal, saying it is the only mechanism to prevent the filibuster from disrupting the Senate.

In the Senate, most bills must pass a threshold of 60 votes known as a filibuster to pass the Senate. Republicans have relied on it to block Democrats from enacting many key priorities, including expanding voting rights.

Democrats, in particular, have stepped up calls to redress the issue of gun violence. After the 5/14 shooting A white gunman murders 10 black people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and is being investigated for a hate crime.

“What are we doing? What are we doing?” Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut said in a speech in his Senate. “I got another Sandy Hook in my hands a few days after a shooter went into the grocery store to shoot an African American customer.”

Murphy referred to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, nearly a decade ago. The deadliest school shooting in American history now kills 20 children and 6 school staff.

Congress hasn’t passed gun control laws in 10 years. Now, it seems unlikely that even Republicans will do anything to alleviate gun violence in the United States.

Senator Ted Cruz said, “When you have killers like these, you inevitably see politicians trying to politicize them. The immediate solution for Democrats and the media is to limit the constitutional rights of citizens.” He told reporters on a Tuesday evening in Texas.


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