John Lewis boss calls for Covid-style cost-of-living assistance package

John Lewis’ boss has urged the government to intervene in financial aid packages to protect families from cost-of-living crises on the same scale that has helped the country fight the coronavirus.

Dame Sharon White, former second assistant secretary of the Treasury Department, said the government must act urgently as families struggle to pay for utility bills and food as energy prices and inflation skyrocket.

White said Wednesday night on ITV’s Peston show:

John Lewis Partnership chairman, which also owns the Waitrose supermarket chain, said consumers must act before the summer as they face a £1,000 a year increase in energy rates starting in October.

“The decisive action we’ve seen, I think, the government has done incredibly well in speed and scale during the COVID-19 period,” she said.

White added that the UK, like the pandemic, ” faces challenges that are at least as urgent as the cost of living crisis”.

“Damages are made to households, families, low-income families, or given the scale and everything that happens. In fact, the temporary blow to public finances is well worth it.”

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White was the most recent prominent caller for emergency government action after Tesco’s chairman John Allan said on Tuesday that he had “overwhelming cases” that he had to impose embezzlement taxes on energy companies to help those most suffering from the cost of living crisis. Retail leader.

Allen warned that the country is facing “for the first time in a generation, severe food poverty”.

Johnson, who has consistently opposed windfall taxes on oil and gas companies, couldn’t rule it out when interviewed on LBC Radio Thursday morning.

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