Johnny Depp Fans Launch New Product for Attorney Camille Vasquez After Amber Heard Trial

After receiving a favorable verdict in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial in early June, his lawyer Camille Vazquez caused a sensation in the media with reports of the lawsuit. Thanks to the passionate affection of Chindepp supporters for the lawyer, a lot of content containing Vazquez’s face and remarks has been uploaded to the Internet.

The craze for the item has also risen on social media as Camille Vasquez is set to represent Depp in another legal battle. Some products have sold in the thousands, as evidenced by the ratings obtained from listings on e-commerce platforms like Etsy.

In addition to applauding her on social media, fans have also created prizes dedicated to the skilled lawyer, along with numerous items encouraging the legitimate eagle to run for president.

You can buy T-shirts, hoodies, magnets and even candles with Vasquez’s name and face on it. Some fans compare her to her Depp’s ex-girlfriend and say, “Be Camille in a world full of amber.”

Vasquez’s return to court for Depp is highly awaited by her fans, especially as the trial of Gregg “Rocky” Brooks’ allegations against Depp approaches.

Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez’s merchandise has gone viral.

Following the media craze surrounding Camille Vasquez, costumes featuring the lawyer and her catchphrase in the Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp trial went viral. T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, candles, coffee mugs and acrylic cups are just a few of the items available.

Most t-shirts read “Camille is my attorney,” but some read “Camille Vasquez for President.” Other discussions during the trial reflected the popular opinion of the attorney at the cross-examination of Amber Heard.

The strangest but most unusual item on Etsy depicting a 37-year-old lawyer was an unscented candle, which had already sold over 600 copies at the time of publication.

Vasquez was implied and described as a true ‘saint’ in what became known as “Celebrity Prayer Devotional Parody Candles” by a merchant named Texrah. Selling for $14.95, the candle is almost sold out and has earned a perfect 5 star rating from buyers.

Camille Vazquez
Merchandise (image via PinupParrot/Etsy and Texrah/Etsy)

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