Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial: Bracelet Selling for $5,000

A jury on Wednesday awarded Johnny Depp $15 million in damages and found that Heard defamed Johnny Depp in a December 2018 article he wrote for the Washington Post. The Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case in Fairfax County, Virginia, inspired a new business. Spectators at the trial are selling bracelets on eBay.

According to the seller “I was there and you are getting this from a verified first-person source.” The blue bracelet, starting at $4,999 on eBay, says “from the first day of the last week,” he added. “Judgment” (May 23) is taken from “the first day of the last week of the trial”.

The product description reads, “This is a piece of celebrity history.” “Bracelets are not expensive or unusual. This is an ordinary paper bracelet that you can often see at event venues. To identify who is authorized to enter the courtroom, the sheriff stamps their mark on them.” The red bracelet is currently on sale for $4,500 or the best offer after purchasing the blue band. On eBay, you can buy an orange bracelet in court for $500.

The seller said, “It’s not worth it.” “Enforcement is a part of popular culture history. The jury sentenced Depp to $15 million in damages (a judge reduced the total to $10.35 million because of Virginia’s punitive damages limit) and found Heard slandered him in a December 2018 Washington Post article .” Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial: Bracelet Selling for $5,000.

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial

Heard was awarded $2 million in damages after Depp was found to have defamed her in one of three allegations. Fans from across the country flocked to the controversial six-week trial, lining up outside the courthouse and screaming from the crowd. Heard even went so far as to say online and during her testimony that she was “bombarded” with “vitriol” while she entered the court building.

“I am harassed, humiliated, and threatened every day. Walking to this court, sitting here in front of the world, the worst part of my life, the things I’ve been through, used to insult me. “People want to kill me, and they say that every day,” he said in the witness stand last week. Fairfax’s Joanne Garcia was in court when the verdict was read earlier this week. She said the outcome of the trial marks a fresh start for Depp, 58.

“My heart froze,” she said in an interview. “But when I heard that he had won, I was just happy. I want him to be happy, forget all this. He may take off his tattoos and start fresh and not even think about the past.”

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bracelets selling for $5,000

In a press release shortly after the incident, he said, “I feel like I’ve got my life back,” and that “the best has yet to come.”

“This case does not change the fact that I was unfairly accused or deny my abuse charges,” he added. “It is a setback for other women who are brave enough to come forward in the future. “She sends the message that if a woman speaks up, she can be shamed and humiliated in public.”

Heard, one of Depp’s former wives, said “the mountain of evidence is still not enough to overcome her ex-husband’s overwhelming power, influence and influence” and “is devastated.” The actress added that Depp’s legal team “succeeded in getting the jury to overlook the most important point of freedom of speech and ignore the evidence convincing enough to win us in the UK”.

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