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The pandemic has inspired many to reconsider their careers, leading to record numbers of teachers, nurses, and retailers being retired. Meanwhile, tech companies are hiring at a staggering rate. And as companies hire them in bulk, demanding requirements like a four-year college degree and a rigorous coding background It’s disappearing quickly.

In recent months, Insider has reported on actors, chefs, and schoolteachers who have transitioned careers in tech to earn six-figure salaries. Some have attended coding bootcamps, which are short educational programs that help people learn technical skills. And some have been able to convert simply by applying skills learned in other industries.

People everywhere want to share their stories, and many others want to replicate their successes. People are riding word of mouth online to share their #breakintotech journey. But coding bootcamps have been criticized for defrauding students and inflating job placement numbers. And while viral TikToks seem to easily penetrate the tech sector, some tech pawns have criticized content that romanticizes a problematic and highly competitive industry.

With all this conflicting information, it’s hard to say what is good advice and what is hype. In this webinar, you’ll talk to three tech practitioners based on their skill level to explore their journey into tech, the tech employed by the most in-demand tech companies, different paths into tech like certifications and bootcamps, and practical advice. Discuss how. Online versus the hype.

Sadiq Dorasat has transitioned from a former investment banker to a product manager at Marks and Spencers, one of the UK’s largest companies.

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. Gina Moreno is a program manager at Microsoft with over 70,000 Tiktok followers, where she posts about her first-generation college career to now working for one of the largest tech companies. Natalie Davis is a front-end engineer who went to a coding bootcamp and started her “late years” career.

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