Joker 2: Folie Deux: Release Date, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

The sequel to the 2019 hit movie Joker 2 is officially in the works. On June 7th, Todd Phillips, creator of the Joaquin Phoenix blockbuster, first shared the official script for the second part on his Instagram. The sequel sees writers Phillips and Scott Silver continue to collaborate to collaborate on the screenplay for the original Oscar-winning “Joker” film.

In addition to announcing a highly anticipated project, Phillips posted an image of Phoenix somewhere thoughtful, apparently reading the script, hinting that he would reprise his role as the protagonist in a sequel.

The Joker is one of the longest lasting and notable characters in comics, TV, and movies. He has been played several times by iconic stars such as Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger. Joaquin Phoenix in 2019’s unexpected hit The Joker twisted the guy with an outstanding Oscar-winning result.

Joker 2 Title: Folie à Deux What does it mean?

Folie à deux is a French expression for ‘shared psychosis’, meaning “a delusional or mental disorder shared by two people in close relationship” and is also commonly used in English to describe this particular kind of mental illness.

The title once again suggests that Arthur Fleck’s fractured mind will be investigated on-screen, but likewise it can be hinted that the second hero will be essential as a real second person who shares his plans with the Joker.

Joker 2 release date

Rumors about Joker 2 started rounding in 2019, and in May 2021, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Phillips had signed on to write a sequel to the film.

Warner Bros. is working on a lot of DC movies, including Black Adam to The Flash. Phillips posted on Instagram a scene of Phoenix reading the script, confirming that the story is basically done.

Anyway, Joker: Folie à Deux hasn’t gone into creation so we might have to wait a bit. Of course, the Joker was filmed in just 12 weeks, and the lack of additional CGI allowed for rapid post-production after production.

There is no official release date for Joker 2 yet, but the director has revealed that the project is in the works. Considering the release date of the first Joker movie, which arrived a year after the script was written, fans can expect Joker 2 to arrive sometime in 2023.


Joaquin Phoenix returns as Arthur Fleck, also known as Arthur Fleck. Given that his performance earned him an Oscar for Best Actor, it’s not unexpected that Warner Bros. is going for a gold medal twice. Other than Phoenix, no other casting individuals have been identified at this time.

Lady Gaga is in talks to play Harley Quinn in a second Joker movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which is set to be made into a musical.

Gaga’s potential leaves director Todd Phillips open to reinventing Harley’s character, as opposed to sticking to the source material from DC Comics or following the roles played by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad movies and Birds of Prey.

Entertainer Zazie Beetz didn’t die in the first movie, so she could be back in the movie as Sophie Dumond. It is extremely impossible for Robert De Niro and Francis Conroy to return as Murray and Penny, who were killed by Arthur in the original story.

joker 2
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At the end of the first movie, the Joker left something on the cliff. Detained, Fleck was secured at Arkham State Hospital at an ambiguous point after riots across Gotham City. Since Fleck was released after the possibility of killing the therapist, Folie à Deux will follow him in his path to becoming the Joker.

The idea of ​​a musical is another fascinating idea, encouraging Joker 2 to continue developing in everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Boys with musical episodes. Likewise, this time around, I lean more towards the idea that I’m going to dive deeper into Fleck’s mind.

Oddly enough, Folie à Deux’s title could indicate where things are going. The title translates as “a delusion or mental illness shared by two closely related people,” making it seem like Fleck is giving the other person a screen. Whether it’s the dual characters of Fleck and the Joker, or a direct reference to Batman/Bruce Wayne, who plays a bigger role in Arthur’s development, there’s another famous idea.

There is someone other than Batman who tells the Joker his life. Folie à Deux is the ideal opportunity to introduce Harley Quinn to this dark and painful world. Her awesome ending to Joker sets her up, just like Dr. Harleen Quinzel worked at Arkham Asylum.

Is Laga Gaga playing a role? Harley Quinn?

Lady Gaga is said to be in early discussions for the role of Harley Quinn. A Star is Born entertainer and award-winning singer will appear on the other side of Phoenix. Insights into Gaga’s role remain “private.”

joker 2joker 2
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In DC Comics, Quinn is the Joker’s psychiatrist while incarcerated at Arkham Asylum Asylum. The two experience passionate feelings for each other and develop an abusive on-off relationship.

When the director teased him about the script for Joker: Folie a Deux, written by him and Scott Silver, speculation began to circulate that Harley Quinn would be part of the sequel.

Whether or not Gaga will contribute music to the project is equally confusing. The pop star worked with Phillips, who served as producer on the 2018 film “A Star Is Born,” for which Gaga was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won her Original Song.

The Joker: A sequel to the musical

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources say the sequel will be a musical. There was no further information on what it would contain, but fans are currently staggering.

Phillip’s first Joker film was a dark thriller and had a crude energy that made critics often contrast it with a taxi driver. In any case, the director is no stranger to the film that also featured the Oscar-winning film A Star is Born, which also featured Lady Gaga.

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