Jon Taffer on Communication, Marketing and Consistency in Franchise

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John Tapper He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to building a profitable business. During a live discussion on Instagram entrepreneur Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer, Taffer shared important tips for success when it comes to franchising and leadership.

Open communication begins with self-worth

Tapper’s new book, power of conflict, exploring the benefits of purposeful, intentional, and dignified conflict. Taffer argues that arguments can be productive when approached with intent and respect and can pave the way for more open communication. As boss and employer Taffer explains, instilling pride in employees is where productive communication begins and quality work follows. Taffer believes that by genuinely seeing and affirming their contributions to the team, they can increase their self-worth, giving them the confidence to share ideas and opinions. “The best ideas for a company don’t come from me,” Taffer said. “Great teams make us shine, and their values ​​give us the ability to do that.”

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Find a solution in the long run

when taper opened his first Tapers Tavern In 2019 he built franchise In part, it was to address some of the ongoing challenges facing the food service industry, including rising labor costs, plummeting meal prices and an influx of economy. Unable to find an employee, Taffer created an alternative solution that would lead to a more efficient and cost-effective model in the long run. By essentially creating the “kitchen of the future,” Taffer leveraged technology to reduce kitchen labor burden by 50-60%, and systematized operations to significantly reduce training time. “We’re running the lowest major cost in the restaurant industry thanks to the labor savings,” says Taffer. And his model not only saves money, but also provides a better customer experience. By computerizing many of the tasks behind the house, executives can spend more time with customers in front of the house.

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Inexpensive, smart marketing

When you know how much you spend at most restaurants Marketing, Taffer explains that his company didn’t spend money on it, but rather created a rumor. “It caused market buzz in every window 60 days before opening,” Taffer says. “It was a countdown to the 10th, the 9th, the 8th, and the 7th. There was no soft opening when we opened. We wish we had but it was packed on the first day. We’ve eliminated the need for marketing expenses, which are driving up food, labor and other issues.”

Still, Taffer had the advantage of being recognizable. Not all brands have a competitive advantage when it comes to cutting marketing costs. his advice? start small stay local “If my restaurant is in Denver, the city of Denver is not my market. The ten blocks around my restaurant are my market,” Taffer says. “You can be a big deal in 10 blocks. It’s hard to be a big deal for the entire city of Denver.”

Taffer believes that by actually seeing the “backyard” of your business and focusing locally, you can reach a larger target audience. “It raises awareness in a more isolated area,” says Taffer. “I think that’s a much better use of money.”

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Maintaining franchise quality consistency

When it comes to franchising, Taffer said the preparation techniques allow the food quality and consistency to be maintained at every location. Nevertheless, the human factor required for good service is always essential and, as Taffer puts it, “participation management is the answer.” Taffer said of his own working hours: The Ritz-Carlton and the impact of daily team meetings and reading corporate values ​​as a group. “Creating results through people comes back not only to self-worth, but to the satisfaction of achieving core goals,” he said. “We want them to feel satisfied and fulfilled with something important to us.” team, good service extends throughout the business. “There’s no greater satisfaction than having your guests smile at you when you’ve done well,” Taffer says.

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