Jordan Peterson’s controversial tweet about the Elliot page

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. Elliot declined to apologize for having his Twitter account suspended for his own comments on Page.

What are Jordan Peterson’s tweets?

The 60-year-old personality wrote using her former name, Elliot Page, before she switched on June 22. [were] They have been removed by criminal doctors.” According to screenshots that went viral online, Peterson was confident that even after Twitter temporarily suspended his account, he would not delete the message because he broke the rules of the platform. His daughter Mihaila Mikhaila Peterson tweeted about his support for Elon Musk and his father, saying that the social media site was “definitely not a free speech platform at the time.”

Jordan Peterson would rather die than revert his tweets

Jordan Peterson commented on his controversial tweets about LGBTQIA+ actor Elliott Page in an interview with the National Post. Even if the temporary punishment turns out to be a ban. Peterson claimed she would “die” than she withdrew her offensive tweets. “The only rule on Twitter is that you shouldn’t do things we don’t like today,” he said. They are implemented post-mortem by determined idiots and algorithms to maintain their always-awake superiority.

This is the first time the 60-year-old psychologist’s Twitter account has been suspended, and he said he would not delete his tweets. In the end, I would have contributed to it using, trying to understand and master that horrible and poisonous platform,” he called social media a “rat hole.” As long as you don’t say you’re sorry, it doesn’t matter if access is denied again.

Twitter restricted Jordan Peterson’s account

The social media site has its functionality restricted due to comments by Jordan Peterson that violated Twitter’s hate behavior policy. 12 hours after the tweet is deleted, his account will return to normal. He can only send messages and browse his website until then. He cannot follow, like, tweet or retweet. Peterson made controversial remarks after the third season of The Umbrella Academy premiered on Netflix. By changing Elliot’s character name to Viktor instead of Vanya, the show acknowledged the Juno star’s change in the narrative.


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