Jose Benitez Tilley was sentenced to 65 years in prison for double murder.

The deaths of Dustin Carr and Hailey Smith were discovered in the back of the store when Papa John’s employees left for work on the morning of February 13. A former co-worker named Jose Benitez Tilley murdered an engaged couple who were working until dawn at a pizzeria on a Saturday night.

What did Jose Benitez Tilley do?

A few days later, Jose Benitez Tilley was taken into custody at the Elkhart County Homicide Unit in connection with a double murder case that shocked the entire neighborhood. Before he was fired, Tilley apparently worked for Papa John’s with his couple. Police were able to find through security film that Tilly shot Cara and Smith to death.

Former Papa John employee, who pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in Elkhart County last month, was sentenced to the maximum sentence for murder under Indiana State law on Thursday, July 14. He was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Tilly was sentenced to 65 years in prison twice.

Investigation into Hailey Smith’s murder of Papazon employee

Investigation into Papa John’s employee murder by Haley Smith and Dustin Carr. In the winter of 2021, Haley Smith, 22, and Dustin Carr, 37, just got engaged. Friends of the family said the 22-year-old boy “loved to read.” She added that she liked sunflowers. Why would you hurt someone like that?

On Saturday, only Smith and Carr were working in the restaurant.

According to eyewitnesses. On Saturday night, Smith and Carman were working in the restaurant. Jose Benitez Tilley, a resident of Goshen, returned the same night and requested a job that had been previously turned down. Surveillance video shows Tilley entering Papa John’s location. About 30 minutes later, the video is captured as he exits the restaurant, turns off the lights, and pulls over to the back of the restaurant. The next morning, a body was found in the alley behind the restaurant.

Circuit Court Judge Michael Cristofeno interrogated Jose Benitez Tilly, who later admitted in February that he shot the two dead. He reportedly admitted to extorting the deceased’s money and jewelry before fleeing the scene. The judge dismissed the second charge of abuse of the corpse.



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