Josh Hawley wants to punish Disney by returning copyright law to 1909.

I heard about Senator Josh Hawley on the blog. new copyright law, and I do this with the greatest reluctance. Normally, I like to talk about copyright! I’ll be talking about copyright all day! [Ed note: And she does.] But writing this post is a pain. Because the thought of paying attention to this completely stupid bill is killing me on the inside.

This is not a very serious bill. There is no line for passing the muster. it is Willful violation of the Constitutionand an insult to the democratic process.

Simply put, this measure covers the Walt Disney Company.

(i) a person with a market capitalization of at least $150,000,000; (ii)(I) Classified according to North American Industrial Classification System Code 5121 or 71. or (II) engage in substantive activities to which the code described in subdivision (I) may be assigned.

This measure would set the copyright term for all future works to 28 years (with the possibility of an additional 28 years extension). The exception is copyright owned by The Walt Disney Company (also known as the person in the room with a market cap of more than $150 billion). A 28-year term applies. retrospectively Return to Disney and remove intellectual property assets. Steamship Willie.

The 28-year copyright term reverted back to the Copyright Act of 1909. The extension request requirement is likewise an obsolete legal form that was obsolete by the Copyright Act of 1973. signed an international copyright treaty known as Bern Convention 1988, and subsequent trade agreements (eg, naphtha 1994, chorus in 2007). Reducing the copyright term to 28 years is also prohibited. international law.

That said, Hawley’s bill is a joke. I’m saying this as someone who thinks copyright law is too restrictive, copyright terms are too long, and last extensions of copyright terms should never have been allowed in 1998, and Disney’s actions to do so deserve condemnation. But nothing on this bill is meant to spark thoughtful debate, let alone passing Congress.

Do you want to shorten the copyright period? totally! Would you like to see our representatives challenge the giants? of course! Would I appreciate legislators making a big swing to push the Overton window on tech policy? Carrot Pata!

However, Hawley has been citing his copyright policy since 1909. Well, does he want us to go back to pooping in buckets too?

This is not a radical rethinking of copyright. it is A return as a meme, farts blowing in the wind, empty and cynical gestures for future fundraising emails. Because it’s all Disney latest punching bag For Republicans who don’t match the fanatical homophobia in 1909.

Legislators have long been pushing legislation that they know is going nowhere, but the level of effort involved has plummeted. Hawley simply doesn’t care, so he doesn’t even try. And that’s all you need to know about his copyright laws.

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