Julia Fox criticized TikTok for saying “I need Botox.”

Uncut Gems entertainer Julia Fox applauded on social media after TikToker criticized her for her ‘bad Botox surgery’, despite the celebrity not undergoing cosmetic procedures. The TikTok video, which includes multiple needles, turned into a web sensation after Fox herself responded to one of her critics that she had to ‘break the cycle’ of insulting women. Fox initially filed an application to discuss child support. She starts the video with a question. Her harmless video was a rant about how child support should be paid for your wasted time.

This video was stitched by another woman who started the video with a similar note. Your bad botox. You really can’t miss it. Then she pointed to Julia Fox’s face around her forehead and said that her muscles were still pulling her eyebrows and creating lines. She went on to say that celebrities need more Botox. Julia Fox re-stitched the video and hit her personal with a two-point comeback. She had previously overlaid text on her face declaring her face free of botox. She went on to say that the individual was particularly negatively centered and, as a result, attacked women.

Julia Fox denies having ‘bad botox’ after TikTok video criticized her appearance

Julia Fox commented on a TikTok video where she criticized her appearance and suggested that she had bad botox. Julia Fox, 32, responded to her allegations on her own Saturday with a video shared on her TikTok Stories. The allegations began this week when Fox shared a video of her TikTok on her Thursday, as she discussed her child support. It wasn’t long before the TikTok account seemed to sew Julia Fox’s video and tell Fox directly about her forehead. Do you want to know what annoys me? Your bad botox, said the woman in the video. You really can’t miss it. The forehead muscles are still pulling, so you will have these lines next to your eyebrows. The woman added that she needed a little more botox to Julia Fox. Julia Fox responded by sharing a video and a short message responding to her claim. I don’t have botox, but obviously I have an unstable trauma and refuse to recognize it, highlighting the negative in each situation. [and] b) Attack women who do not suffer from misfortunes like yours. Julia Fox added that she needed a little more treatment. Break the cycle baby!

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Julia denies that she had plastic surgery.

Uncut Gems was the movie that put Julia Fox on the radar. Born in Milan, Julia Fox moved to New York at the age of six, where she rose to fame with Adam Sandler’s films, but primarily for her outstanding looks. Many speculated that she had BBL surgery after her fans saw Kanye West and Madonna’s posts. Julia Fox recently revealed about her own personal life, and even confessed about her overdose incident during her teenage years and the condition of her skin (her rosacea). The most important thing celebrities have come to the fore and claimed is to get false eyelashes. She told the publication that she couldn’t live without completing her top lashes among other popular skincare and cosmetic products. Comparing photos of her in her mid-20s with her current photos, fans are acclaimed for her natural beauty.

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