Julisa Thaler, 6-year-old son Ellie found dead in car trunk

Julissa Thaler, a 28-year-old mother from Minnesota, has been charged with murder while driving with her son in the trunk. One of the shocking incidents about her young mother recently rocked everyone over the murder of her own child, 6 years old. But why does Julissa Thaler claim to have killed her own son?

Read ahead to learn more about Julissa Thaler, accused of murdering a six-year-old child.

Who is Julissa Thaler?

Not much we know about Julissa Thaler. Her Facebook page said she was an Aquarius, mom, advocate and feminist. However, reports about Tory’s fiancée Fox9 revealed that Tory had struggled with mental health issues in the past, along with drug addiction.

Julissa is from Minnesota. She is only 28 years old. She was the mother of her 6-year-old son Eli, whom she shared with Tory Hart. However, recently, there has been a fight between Tori and Julisa over custody of Eli.

Julisa Thaler is charged with the murder of her son Eli.

Julissa Thaler from Minnesota was charged with driving a car with her son dead in the trunk of her car. Her 28-year-old mother secured full custody of her son Eli in less than two weeks. But her mental health problems are suggesting that it could harm her in the future.

Thaler is currently incarcerated in Hennepin County Jail on a murder charge. However, authorities are still officially confirming her allegations against her. According to a report published in Meaww, the father of a dead child has sometimes tried to regain custody of her son. But it went to the child’s mother a few weeks ago.

Funeral of the dead child Eli Hart

Reportedly, Eli and his father, Tory, had a really good relationship. He later lived with his mother Julissa. Sadly, the life of an adorable child was really short. As if he died in the trunk of his mother’s car. Feeling the pain of Tori Hart, the child’s funeral will be held soon.

In fact, GoFundMe is raising funds for the funeral of Tory’s dead child, according to Meaww. Don’t forget, the fund has already raised more than its target of $20,000.

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