Julius Francis is interested in a rematch with Mike Tyson, who was knocked out by Mike Tyson 22 years ago.

Former heavyweight boxer Julius Francis has revealed he is interested in fighting Mike Tyson in a rematch.

Frances made headlines in the city after subduing a deaf man in London.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Julius Francis rematches Mike Tyson after 22 years

Julius Francis joined TMZ at a recent event in London after word of mouth punched a man who was about to start a fight.

In an interview, Francis revealed that he is only willing to enter the ring if the price matches his opponent.

‘If there were any promoters willing to instigate a sanctioned fight,’ he said.

Francis went on to say, ‘I didn’t like talking about money, but [if] They can make some decent offers. Then who knows?’

The retired boxer also has a daughter who says he will never fight again. And I think to myself, “Who am I going to fight?”

Francis says people often have to fight Jake Paul or Logan Paul because of his huge potential salary. But, according to Francis, they don’t fall into his ‘category’.

Still, only one boxer can get Francis to tie his gloves back on. That man is none other than Mike Tyson, who lost the 2000 bout.

The 57-year-old former boxer said, ‘I’ll show you there. Yes, it is. Yes, you can have a rematch. I don’t know if anyone will see it, but I’ll say yes.’

Iron Mike knocked out Francis in just 58 seconds in the second round of the competition.

Julius Francis made headlines with a punch in one location in the UK.

Julius Francis unexpectedly re-emerged after a video of him beating a man who was stirring up people around him went viral.

The incident occurred on June 12th when Francis worked as a security guard at BOXPARK Wembley. However, the video gradually took over social media platforms, with people praising him for his power and speed.

Talking about it with TMZ, Francis said he felt ‘correct’ about user reactions to the hay maker.

He also said that he was happy with the support of the people who appreciate the punch because he is a player who deserves it.



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