Jungkook’s latest Instagram video is breaking records. After Cristiano Ronaldo, the fastest Asian and fastest man in the world

BTS member Jungkook once again proved why he is called the SNS king. He is currently reporting that he has set another new record on Instagram.

Euphoria crooner recently shared a new post on Instagram with her fans. Fans are in a hurry to see this latest update, as the K-pop idol hasn’t posted much on their social media handles.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jungkook breaks new Instagram record

After working as a MIA on social media platforms for quite some time, Jungkook surprised his followers with new content.

Stay Alive singer posted a new video on her official Instagram account on May 21, 2022. In the clip’s snippet, you can see him sitting in a dark room with music playing in the background.

DNA singer zooms in clip and sports black eyes Although the clip took less than 10 seconds, it successfully captured the attention of followers.

His fans seem to be rejuvenated after seeing the latest update and have shown love by liking and viewing his latest posts.

Korean idols achieved 3 million views in 30 minutes of posting and 10 million views in 3 hours. This marked him as the fastest Asian to achieve this record.

His videos have been liked by over 10 million fans.

Jungkook surpasses 20 million views worldwide following Cristiano Ronaldo

According to a number of overseas media, BTS member Jungkook became one of the fastest people in the world to surpass 20 million views within 24 hours of posting it on Instagram.

Jungkook once again proved his brand power by putting his name on the list of the fastest people to surpass 20 million views on Instagram.

He is named after the famous professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo achieved a record in just two hours that had never been achieved before. Jungkook, on the other hand, took 11 hours and 35 minutes.

Currently, the video has been viewed more than 32 million times in 48 hours. That number continues to skyrocket as fans continue to fill his accounts with love.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone, an American music magazine, selected Jungkook as ‘Young Genius Polymath’ on March 22, 2022. Many international scholars agree that polymath is an individual with infinite knowledge on a variety of subjects.



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