Justin Bieber’s NYC concert postponed after singer revealed facial paralysis

It’s sad news for all Justin Bieber fans that he won’t be able to see Justin Bieber on his latest tour, which has been postponed due to his facial paralysis. Yes, Justin has recently revealed all of his health problems that have suddenly popped up and has caused him to be out of action. But what has Justin Bieber been tormenting lately?

Read ahead to learn more about Justin Bieber and his NYC postponed concert.

Justin Bieber was going to perform on the Justice World Tour.

Although everyone knows Justin Bieber’s fans well. As such, his fans were looking forward to his performance on his long-awaited Justice World tour, which was scheduled to take place this year. On his 130-day tour, he had to perform in multiple venues. But fate seems to have other plans for it.

The Justice World Tour was previously postponed due to the pandemic. This year was sure to go on schedule. That didn’t happen because Justin had previously contracted the coronavirus. Meanwhile, it still doesn’t seem to go as planned.

Justin Bieber misses show due to health issues

Now it happened in Canada, Washington and Madison Square Garden when Justin stopped his tour. The Let Me Love You singer has already told everyone whether fans can expect him. Well, this time he shared a health problem that seemed to be seriously interfering with his performances.

Yes, recently on Instagram, Justin shared the news that he is suffering from a strange health problem called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. It won’t let him perform in any way. Not everyone is aware of this syndrome. It’s clear that this thing Justin shared is bothering Justin a lot.

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the syndrome that Justin Bieber suffers is actually caused by the same virus as chickenpox. Although it can recover after chickenpox. However, in some cases, the virus remains in nerves for years.

Ultimately, it can be reactivated after a few years. In addition, symptoms such as tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea, and dizziness appear, which is not good for the performer. So you won’t see Justin performing for a while. Because this syndrome paralyzes his right face.

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