Justin Timberlake Officially Joins TikTok, Fan Reaction

Another NSYNC band member is on TikTok and if you haven’t guessed his name yet, it’s Justin Timberlake. Yes, Timberlake is currently using the popular app TikTok and has already made all his fans excited about his new journey as a TikTok. Well, if you haven’t seen his TikTok video yet. So here’s what you need to know.

Read ahead to learn more about how Justin Timberlake is joining TikTok.

NSYNC members are already on TikTok.

We all know about a popular American boy band known by the name NSYNC. The group was formed in 1995 by Chris Kirkpatrick. Members were created by Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone and Lance Bass.

The band members, known together as the boy band NSYNC, have long been on TikTok’s popular platform. However, the only two people not on TikTok were Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez. But Justin doesn’t seem to be able to stand the TikTok craze for long. Because he’s doing it too.

@lancebass *drinking tea* #digital getdown #nsync ♬ Digital Get Down – *NSYNC

Justin Timberlake is finally on TikTok.

On July 13th, Justin Timberlake posted the first TikTok showing him sitting and wearing a bucket hat. In the video, he looked at the camera and said, “Now, it seems like I’m doing TikTok.” Then he nodded in the video and said, “You know what? This is going to be great!”

Also, his first TikTok video surpassed 4 million views. It has 15,000 comments and 200,000 likes. With those fans finally there is Justin Timberlake on TikTok. Only JC Chasez went out to join the app at NSYNC.

User reactions to Justin Timberlake joining TikTok

Users have certainly been waiting for a long time for Justin Timberlake to join TikTok. Many celebrities have signed up for the app and delivered surprises to their fans through the popular app. While other NSYNC members are on TikTok. Only Chasez and Timberlake were able to join.

This is what finally happened to Timberlake this month. In fact, Timberlake was well received by fans with his first TikTok video. He even reacted in the comments section, which interacts with the comments section of the video. Fans loved Timberlake’s reaction.

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