Justine Skye faces a backlash after shading Selena Gomez in her latest Snapchat story.

Hailey Bieber’s best friend Justine Skye made headlines last weekend after claiming that she had “shaded” singer Selena Gomez.

Justine told Snapchat, “You’re making TikToks every day like you don’t have a lousy makeup brand to run? Hmm… damn.”

Given that the story was published hours after Skye shared a photo of herself with best friend Hailey Beiber, many speculated the singer was referring to Selena Gomez. Screenshots of the incident that have angered Gomez’s avid fans have started circulating on Twitter.

For years, musician Justine Skye has been an inseparable part of Hailey Beiber’s close social circle. Her hatred of Gomez can be explained by her close friendship with Hailey, who had previously had a troubled long relationship with Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber.

Justine Skye claims her Snapchat account was hacked.

Many others have come to believe that this properly veiled jab was aimed at her as Kill Em with Kindess singer has been more active on TikTok recently.

Justine Skye responded to the fuss and avoided accusations by claiming that she was “hacked”. She also said she hasn’t used Snapchat for “a few years.”

Justine Sky discussed the incident extensively on her Twitter account. She said: “I’m on Twitter and I see a lot of Selena Gomez fans criticizing me. I mean, I’m not stupid! Okay. I’m not sure what happened, so I’ll just ignore it.’ As a result, I started blocking people.”

She also said that Selena Gomez is not a problem for her. “I’m not even close to her. She is someone I’ve never met in my life. It has nothing to do with my life.”

She went on to say that she would never go out to gossip about another woman.

Selena Gomez followers have had a negative reaction to Justine Skye.

Selenators defended Gomez by displaying receipts comparing Justine Skye’s net worth to her monthly Spotify listening to Gomez’s music. Others have questioned Skye’s skepticism that her Snapchat is being hacked and that she doesn’t make these comments.

One user said, “Lord, how can you still speak boldly about Selena Gomez?”

According to another user, Justine Skye devours Selena Gomez’s TikTok and spends her spare time catching up with her every move.

Another joked that @selenagomez has 32 million monthly listeners. 2 million people listen to @JustineSkye’s trash every month. The baby girl isn’t there yet.

As one fan pointed out, Skye is already involved in trouble with the founder of Rare Beauty. Prior to that event, she didn’t help the former in her attempt to evade criticism, as she had few adopters for her allegations that Snapchat had been hacked.

Who is Justin Sky?

Justin Sky is a singer-songwriter who debuted in 2013 and released a single ‘Collide’ produced by DJ Mustard the following year. He is recognized for his dance-oriented R&B and hip-hop styles. His first studio album, Ultraviolet, was released in 2018 and Space & Time produced by Timbaland in 2021.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1995, Justine Skye first caught my attention as a teenager when she and her mother, an industry lawyer, went to a music panel hosted by performance rights agency BMI.

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