Kanye West Brings Back A$AP Rocky Romance And Cheating Rumors

Kanye West has been a hot topic online this week. Recently, he suggested that A$AP Rocky had previously dated Yoon-an.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kanye West could ruin A$AP Rocky’s relationship with Rihanna.

Kanye West covers most of the fashion community on her social media accounts this week.

Most recently, he claimed that A$AP Rocky had slept with Ambush creative director Yoon-an in the past.

His message was ‘Ambush. Rocky f***d Yoon. next.’

However, the 45-year-old designer said in the post, ‘Huh. It’s not true, but it’s okay.’

Moreover, A$AP Rocky has yet to comment on West’s allegations, but his mafia member Nast himself responded to Ye.

He said in the comments section, ‘Keep the gang out of this gz.’

West seemed to like Yoon’s message from Supreme Creative Director Tremaine Emory.

In his post, Emory urged the 45-year-old singer not to mention Virgil Abloh’s name in his rant.

He ‘keeps the virgin’s name in your mouth.’

Emory also claimed that West did not consider the famous designer until the end of his life.

But the Donda hitmaker responded with another internet explosion criticizing Emory and his work.

West said ‘Supreme’s BLM Executive, Tremaine’s new name is Tremendez. You got a job since you were black, you work for me and you know Virgil. [Abloh].’

He also shared screenshots from social media accounts of people in the industry who liked Emory’s post. These included designer Kerwin Frost, writers Time Blanks, and Ann Yun.

Khloé Kardashian blamed Kanye West for criticizing Kim Kardashian’s upbringing.

Kanye West used social media to address the criticism she is facing about her White Lives Matter shirt.

He said, ‘I wonder what Gigi and Venus would have looked like when they didn’t know where the child was on their birthday.’

The father of four went further, adding: ‘Where were you when you couldn’t see the children to the angry audience over my t-shirt?’

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‘I’m trying to show respect,’ Khloé Kardashian said of West’s accusation. But when you want to be biased, take down Kimberly and stop using my family.’

She said, ‘You know exactly where your kids are always and you wanted a separate birthday.’


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