Kanye West explains why she uploaded Kris Jenner’s photo to Instagram DP.

Social media users have been scratching their heads after Kanye West (aka Yes)’s most recent Instagram stunt. On Wednesday, September 28th, ‘Donda’ rapper changed his Instagram profile picture to a glamorous one of his ex-mother-in-law Kris Jenner, after months of public feud with the Kardashian star’s family via social media. The image is the same that Kris Jenner has on her Instagram profile. Why did Kanye West change her IG profile picture to Kris Jenner? Haha, I asked model Brittany Martinez on Thursday. people i have [a] serious question. Why does Kanye West have Kris Jenner as her Instagram profile picture? We scrutinized other Twitter users. answer? Apparently Ye said to rebuild the bridge with Kardashian-Jenners. I posted Kris with thoughts of unity and respect, the rapper explained in all caps in an Instagram story posted on Wednesday evening. Let’s change the story.

The gesture appeared to be the rapper’s latest effort to reconcile to Chris Jenner, her daughter and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Last Thursday, Kanye West (Ye) said in an interview with Good Morning America that she regretted making comments on social media about Kardashian, her family and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. This is the mother of my kids, the rapper shared with Linsey Davis of ABC News. However, there are no other individuals that cause additional stress. He said that Kardashian, who has four young children, said, ‘To be able to raise them, you need to be as calm as possible, with a minimum of worries and at best a sound mind.


Kanye West (aka Ye) changes her Instagram profile picture to Kris Jenner. And explain why.

The artist, formerly known as Kanye West, said “peace and respect” was the reason behind her recent decision to change her Instagram profile picture to that of Kris Jenner. As fans rushed to see it this week, Ye certainly added a picture of the Kardashian-Jenner leisure woman as her profile picture, sparking a quick wave of speculation. Surprisingly at another moment this year, Kanye West (Ye) publicly criticized Kris Jenner, and Ray J. Ye says the new profile picture move was expected to probably send an alternative. message. I posted Kris with thoughts of peace and respect. Ye, who referred to Kris Jenner as ‘Kris Jong-Un’ in 2020, said in an IG Stories update Wednesday night. Let’s change the story.

The Kris pic mini-descriptor comes with many recent improvements to the world of Ye, including a preview of James Blake’s new song and an unexpected appearance during Playboi Carti’s Rolling Loud New York set. In the meantime, Ye continued to tease the imminent launch of YZY SHDZ. In a chat with Forbes, Kanye West, known as Ye, revealed that a possible plan for the eyewear product is $20, and that the ultimate goal of the planned Ye Supply store experience is to maintain that price tag across different item categories. Besides, we are covering how to make clothes for free. Because life is free, then Ye said. While the world is anticipating an official announcement of exactly when to expect a YZY SHZ decline, Ye and his group continued to share campaign photos captured by Nick Knight, including a few copies featuring Candice Swanepoel.

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