Kanye West faces copyright infringement lawsuit over Donda 2 samples

Kanye West is again being sued for copyright infringement on her latest album, Donda 2.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kanye West sues Donda 2 samples

On Wednesday, it was reported that Kanye West could be taken back to court for unauthorized use of samples from her record Donda 2.

According to reports, a lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York against the rapper.

West reportedly sampled musician Marshall Jefferson’s 1986 club hit Move Your Body aka The House Music Anthem from his song Flowers without permission.

Jefferson’s publisher, Ultra International Music Publishing, noted that the sample was ‘repeated at least 22 times’ throughout West’s song.

Jefferson wrote and performed Move Your Body, which peaked at number 34 on Billboard’s Dance Singles Sales chart list in August 1986.

The song was originally a hit in Jefferson’s hometown of Chicago before being released by Trax Records in July 1986.

“I sampled thousands of times,” the 62-year-old songwriter told Billboard. There is a right way and a wrong way about it. It’s disappointing to see other artists, black artists and fellow Chicagoans doing things without recognition.’

The court document states that ‘the West defends the rights of artists with one hand, but is not ashamed of taking the rights of other artists with the other’.

Legally renamed to Yes, West released Donda 2 exclusively through his Stem Player last February.

The lawsuit includes Alex Klein as the defendant, including an organization called Kano Computing Limited.

British entrepreneurs co-created Stem Player, which sells for $200 each.

West previously claimed to have sold 11,000 units, generating an estimated revenue of $2.2 million.

Kanye West was previously charged with copyright infringement.

A recent lawsuit is the second time that Kanye West has been accused of using samples without permission in the sequel to Donda.

In May, Texas pastor David Morton sued him, claiming that his track Come to Life contained a large portion of a sermon he gave at a church in Victoria, Texas, in 2011.

The results of the lawsuit have not yet been announced.

The 45-year-old rapper was also sued in 2019. Ronald Oslin Bobb-Semple claims his voice was used illegally on ‘Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)’

But in January of last year, they agreed.



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