Kanye West gained 221,000 followers in one day after joining TikTok.

Following Kim Kardashian, her ex-husband and rapper Kanye West joined TikTok. Although it is clear that TikTok is irresistible. But Kanye took some time to get on the platform. But it’s never better than being late. He finally made it to TikTok and his fans were overjoyed when he shared his first video on the app.

Read ahead to learn more about Kanye West joining TikTok.

Rapper Kanye West has finally joined TikTok.

Ever since TikTok appeared, users have been hooked on the app. Because you can create amazing content and try new challenges and trends every day. Previously, only ordinary people liked the app. Gradually, the app also gained popularity among celebrities. Some music artists have also started promoting their songs and albums on their apps as well.

However, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and others have joined the app. This time Kanye West joins TikTok. This came as a surprise to many when he posted his first video on a popular app.

Kanye West’s TikTok video goes viral

Kanye West’s joining of TikTok came as a surprise to many. His first video for the app came out on September 18th. The rapper’s video is a long video of nearly three minutes, showing him sitting in the passenger seat of the car.

@ye ♬ Original sound – yes

This video shows Kanye listening to her 2019 album “Jesus Is King”. With songs like Selah, Closed On Sunday, and God Is, the rapper’s first video was definitely a hit on TikTok. He created an account in the app with the name “Yes”. Meanwhile, his videos have already garnered thousands of likes and views. His followers increased to over 221k.

Fans React to Kanye West’s Joining TikTok

Without a doubt, rapper Kanye West surprised everyone by joining TikTok this month. When he posted his first video on the app. Fans of the rapper were delighted and excited to get more and more content from him. Meanwhile, except for watching Kanye’s first video. Fans also left comments on his video.

One of our users wrote that this is the TikTok of the Year. Another user wrote that yes the season is coming. One user even said that Kanye’s TikTok made his day. To be sure, his fans seem curious and happy at the same time as including him in the app.

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